You’ve just been born and your parents do this.

You’ve just been born and your parents do this.

Everything is chrome in the future.

Oddwin – 19

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76 Responses

  1. Okpala Ogochukwu says:

    “I ain’t get a confirmation email or NotHing!”😂😂😂 got me dead.

  2. He Who Battles says:

    “I have never heard thF word used like that in my entire life..”

    And at this point i am done. It’s 1am and i gotta go to work. So let me just go to sleep and rewatch this later. Because this man just broke through to a whole new level of….idek what to call this. Goodnight

    • Soupmaster101 says:

      This is what happens when a generation stops caring about proper grammar usage, fixing common spelling errors or using the correct words and using “linguistics” to communicate. Aka delivery doesn’t mean delivery to them normal ppl anymore. It means package shipment and linguistics ppl actually support this nonsense cus the language “changes” or “evolves”.

    • Knight Master says:

      Well ok

    • Clare Ben says:

      Yall this guy is gonna wake up to 2.3k likes and 52 comments

    • He Who Battles says:

      Damn. I was posting my thoughts. I didn’t expect to get 2.4k likes and 53 comments. Thanks!

    • Kimora Reacts says:

      I feel thaaaaaat 😂😂😂that whole paragraph is legit a mood when you’re lowkey sleep deprived 💀

  3. Pro Noob says:

    “I know he was born there, I was there”

    Also him: *leaves the baby at the hospital*

  4. Abdulmajid Ali says:

    I was delivered though a trunk of a 2001 Toyota Corolla, now my parents are in prison 😢

  5. Lighten Up Highlights says:

    Caleb:”I’m just gonna Cancel my order…”

    Doctor:”I should punch yu right now”!!!

  6. Donovan Simmons says:

    “Do you guys have an exchange policy for baby’s” that is life in 2040

  7. Seth Colby says:

    This is like an extended joke of that episode of Phineas and ferb where dr doofenshmirtz admitted that his parents didn’t love him so much that they didn’t even show up at his birth

  8. HotRiderMC says:

    Science teacher: you gotta draw a conclusion this is wrong
    Student : I DREW a conclusion wdym
    Science teacher: Drawing a conclusion is writing one!
    Student: ive never seen the word draw used like that.

  9. Kokoa Mizuki says:

    Wow, Caleb is just getting better with these skits. My man’s changing his voice now too. He sounded exactly like a woman. Kudos👌

  10. Omniscient Eye says:

    The parents will reconsider the next time they order pizza.

  11. Oliwarder says:

    • and in the future this child became overpowered protagonist/villains

  12. Abdul Ghani says:

    the funny part is the wife is as clueless as he is

  13. Mr. Smily says:

    This kids gonna be like
    “Uhh yeah so I fixed your computer and now it’s running”

  14. Beenis Weenis III says:

    “I have never heard that word used like that in my entire life”

    This honestly happens to me more than I’d like to admit

    • Afreen says:

      Honestly, my friend told me that she is anal about something and I couldn’t keep it together.

      Apparently it means “really particular” or something like that. But I never heard it used in any way except to refer to the butthole.

      So I feel your pain.

      A Porn Addict
      (no, really)

  15. Idk Idk says:

    “Do you guys have an exchange policy for babies?”
    Best line hands down

  16. Alexbuddd says:

    Was he watching Tom and Jerry at the start? 😂

  17. Adrian Rojo says:

    Imagine if he makes a “when your skits crossover”

  18. Bld Run says:

    “To deliver is to assist a women to give birth to a baby!”
    Amazon Baby: *”What if we take that to a new level”*

  19. Yannis Mpa says:

    “Hey, u Okay vegeta?”
    “Nothing just an aneurysm of sheer stupidity.”
    “Wow, didnt know you were that stupid vegeta!”

  20. Hiney Xx says:

    “They said they were gonna deliver him actually”
    Ad: Doordash – Food Delivery

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