ZAYN – There You Are (Lyric Video)

ZAYN – There You Are (Lyric Video)

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“There You Are” Official Lyrics:

Only you know me the way you know me
Only you forgive me when I’m sorry

Need you when I’m broken
When I’m fixed
Need you when I’m well
And when I’m sick
Friends that I rely on
Don’t come through
They run like the river
But not you

Can’t see when I’m falling
Losing myself
But then I here you calling.

There you are
There you are
You’re there with open arms.
There you are
There you are
And I run

Whispers in the background
Behind closed doors
Got myself in a mess and with out you I’m in more.
Oh I’m little drunk now
That’s why I went to war
Oh yeah you are my sober
When I’m on the floor.



Only you know me the way you know me
Only you forgive me when I’m sorry
Even when I mess it up
There you are

Need when I’m hot
When I’m cold
Need you when I’m young
When I’m old.
You won’t be far



When you’re caught in the crowds
When you’re up in the clouds X2
There you are

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55 Responses

  1. Ammar Mirza says:

    *_Literally the best December of my life is going on_*

  2. Swom Malik says:

    Sound like one direction so much

  3. Faithmeliz says:

    His music does something to me that no other artist can do it’s insane

  4. Nurhana Jundam says:

    Am I the only one who hears Louis voice on the “there you are part” and Harry’s voice on the “and I run” ? *le cries*??? its another perfect song ?

  5. Lily z says:

    Is it just me or can you hear hear 1D in the background when he sings there you are

    • nik nuryasarah nik mohd zaki says:

      It’s his backup singers LOL ? but since u’re used to hearing the boys singing back ups during 1D days, even the echoes in this song sound like them, yet the fact is it’s really not

  6. Jon Ramsey says:

    Feels like Louis and Harry are singing along in the chorus

  7. Mira Jenal says:

    Zayn, I haven’t even had the chance to catch my breath yet after Rainberry and Good Years. Now this, and in a couple of days the album. Okay. Okay…

  8. bhargavi bhargavi says:

    Twinkle twinkle little star Zayn is a super ? Star

  9. Informative Innovative says:

    It’s just too good. Like If you agree.

  10. Informative Innovative says:

    I made my crush listen to this song.
    She’s my girlfriend now! HURRAY!

  11. Jessica Perez says:

    this sounds like a 1d song :’)

    • Sunset Glare says:

      I know right, I don’t really get the RnB feels from the recent songs anymore, like Good Years and now There You Are. It’s like…he’s calling for home :’))

    • Muneeba Amin says:

      Jessica Perez I thought I was the only one… glad to know that I’m not the only one tho

  12. Maa Papa says:

    Just give a like for zayn

  13. Joanna Rus says:

    This song deserves a video! Please make it happen its amazing!

  14. afnan nizam says:

    There you are zayn thats OUR 20 YR OLD ZAYN (1D)

  15. And More says:

    Who else thinks this is the best album of Zayn

  16. Book lover says:

    Zayn is the legend… vocalist of this era and beyond.. he will be remembered for centuries … Mark my words

  17. Tushar says:

    Sounds like a movie soundtrack

  18. PeteDork says:

    He better promote this album. I expect to see him at Jimmy Fallon since he lives in New York. NO EXCUSES

  19. Silvia Anggraeni says:


  20. J SP says:

    This tune has a nostalgic feeling ???

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