Sammi Sweetheart RETURNS 😱👑 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Sammi Sweetheart RETURNS 😱👑 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

It’s shore to be the sweetest summer ever when an all-new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation brings back ALL of your faves. 🥳🍬 Coming soon to MTV 🔥

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All your favorite moments with Snooki, JWoww, Deena, Vinny, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie and The Situation.

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53 Responses

  1. patricia snyder says:

    Sammy is no joke. She’ll hold her own. She’s so much better than this show and those people. Now we can watch!!

    • rylan colis says:

      Watch how fast Ronnie will come back to the house 🏡 when he knows Sammy is their 😂 guess Sammy will be on the next season then ? 😂

    • Isabelle Chavez says:

      Where can we watch the new episodes on?

    • Nicole P says:

      ​@N Are you Angelin-er😂

    • N says:

      Let’s be real the show would need the others and with or without Sammy the show is fine. Sammy smart though she trying to finally get a check and a big house too

    • u-no-me says:

      @Anonangel yes everyone in the house turned one everyone that had their back at one point I’m sure none of them are the same people they were years ago

  2. Lu Lee says:

    Sammi is the only one who didn’t mess up her face. So beautiful.

  3. Jeff widjAIWDJAWd says:

    angelina is doing a good job reviving the show, keeping it interesting and also going out of her way to make it more interesting by getting sammi back.

  4. Té Té says:

    Sammi didn’t get her face done and she absolutely looks better and younger than the other girls.

  5. michelle m.96 says:

    I want Sammi to be able to tell her story and update us on her life, not Ronnie.

  6. Babu says:

    So much drama, I could have a heart attack from the excitement. Wow. Those crybabies are really going off now. Sammi is back and badder than ever. She is like nitro-Angelina. And Ron too? Oh MY GOSH. Sam doesn’t take any baloney from people, and the prima donna meatballs don’t like it. Snooki is wailing like on the first season and now Deena is bawling too.

  7. Starfish says:

    Exactly what the show needed to be saved from the manufactured drama!!!! Thank you Sammi Sweetheart

  8. MateoPapiChulo says:

    Since the original show wrapped, Sammi still looks the same. In fact, she looks healthier and confident. She looks beautiful. Let it be a lesson to the other girl’s (a side from Deena), going natural is so much better. And not abusing your bodies with alcohol, smoking, and tanning.
    Welcome back, Sammi! We missed you.

    • kitty Tonic says:


    • 🌷 • babysanriho says:

      @Alba Salvatierra it’s not giving opinion bc he’s shaming others over someone else. could’ve just said even tho sammie has had work done she is still so pretty to me. ain’t that hard.

    • 🌷 • babysanriho says:

      @LoveK nobody crying lol it’s just a fact. she has had work done therefore she isn’t natural ? you’re mad because what ?

    • spicytamale says:

      @LoveK except she doesn’t look like herself lol she looks like a younger version of herself by getting rid of her flaws cosmetically. Which is in fact NOT natural. But considering American standards, I can understand why you would be deluded into thinking otherwise.

    • Alba Salvatierra says:

      @🌷 • babysanriho he was just stating an opinion. I think he was saying he likes sammi’s face better, which is ok. I like men. Sooo Vinny is my favorite. I think he gets botox too lol

  9. cecilia perez says:

    Am hoping Sammi tells off Mike and his wife! That will be the greatest episode ever😊

    • Ayaan Mohamed says:

      FOR WHAT, what did Mike and his wife DO

    • Benita Rodriguez says:

      @Precious MellsI think it’s just edited to make it look like there’s a problem with Sam and the girls.

    • 🌷 • babysanriho says:

      what did they say / do or is this just a rumor with no reasonings or sources lol

    • Monique Daughtry says:

      ​@Cristian Vlogs it’s with snooki

    • Precious Mells says:

      @TSA _ronnie🔥 nah I think a situation only spills over to Twitter or social media in general when it concerns Angelina. I think the core family (except Ronnie & Jenni- although I think Jenni is more likely to react now than be the initiator) wouldn’t take their beef to social media especially after the whole speech leak debacle.

  10. Kayla Williams says:

    Deena and Snooki are so dramatic 😒

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