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Perception check

Perception check Why yes, I have been playing Baldurs Gate 3, how did you know? I’m also in an actual D&D podcast called “Dragon Friends” with a bunch of really funny people and one of the smartest DM’s who has to deal with our shit. I played music for ages and now I’m doing characters.…


Ultimate Mini Games Battle 3

Ultimate Mini Games Battle 3 Mini Games Battle is now a trilogy! As always, FIRST TO 4 STARS WINS! ► Come see us on tour! http://dudeperfect.com/tour/ ► Thanks for subscribing! – http://bit.ly/SubDudePerfect Music by Jamie Lono: “Everything You Need” Check out more from Jamie! ►https://musicbed.com/artists/jamie-lono/43790 NEXT LEVEL STUFF ——————————————- 🎒 NEW Merch – http://bit.ly/DPStore 📱…