Leo Messi will host a press conference at 12pm on August the 8th. Subscribe and follow it live.

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44 Responses

  1. Qesek says:

    Saying that Messi is a legend is definitely not enough.

  2. 吳鳳Rifat says:

    Messi left amazing memories in our hearts,many kids loved football because of him。He inspired people from all around the globe。He was a tiny kid when the journey started ,and that kid became one of the greatest players of all time。In these moment i just can say Thank you for everything Leo,hope your journey continues with smile and happiness ❤️ Hastala Vista Amigo 🇦🇷

  3. Tommy Petersen says:

    A standing ovation at the press conference is fine; however Messi deserves so much more for a proper send off. So much more.

  4. Rinoy says:

    Heartbroken to see Messi in tears…💔. Last year, he willfully tried to leave and was denied. This year he wanted to stay but couldn’t. After the Copa America win, everyone thought he was finally at peace. Nobody thought this unexpected turn of events. As the elderly say this phase too shall pass. Stay strong Leo. We are always with you. Thank you for making us fall in love with football..❤️

    • Wayne King Is Great! says:

      Yeah his only crying because of the amount of money his losing crocodile tears

    • Heinrich Himmler says:

      I guess PSG is my new favorite club.

    • Hasty Tarsier says:

      @Heinrich Himmler plastic fan

    • The Neut says:

      @Wayne King Is Great! wtf? He literally agreed to more than 50% wage cut and sign a new contract for 5 yrs with 2 yrs wage in total. Rumours were he also agreed to play a whole season for free until barca arrange funds, so what r u implying ? He did everything possible to stay at the club but cuz of stupid bartomeu he is forced to leave

  5. Ferdinand Darbon says:

    One of the biggest regrets in my life will be to never have watched Lionel Messi play at the Camp Nou, for Barcelona. He has been my idol and the reason I watch football, and seeing him leave, especially like this, makes me do f cking sad

    • Liam Reed says:

      Same I wish I could see him play in a Barca kit

    • R0CK0Nbaby says:

      Sorry dude, this is a painful moment for so many around the world. It may not be at Camp Nou, but as long as you get to see Messi play one day, that’s what’s important right? Because it is the man himself that is the inspiration, regardless of where and for which team

    • Wayne King Is Great! says:

      Crybaby what’s the matter not getting your millions when you’re the one that has put Barcelona in debt in the first place you and your now ex greedy team mate’s

    • Wayne King Is Great! says:

      @Amru Ramadhan Syakur and

  6. Samuel Mathew says:

    Look at the impact just changing his club made, can’t even think of the day Leo and Rono retires.
    Legends ❤️

    • Zain says:

      @kakka pylly even if he played for free he would still have to go dummy

    • Barfieman362 says:

      @CentraI InteIIigence Agency. don’t think so. Someone else will come along. May take a few years but we’ll see another magician some day soon enough

    • Barfieman362 says:

      @kakka pylly wouldn’t have helped. Unless the other big Barca personalities took pay cuts of over 15% and they sold some of the deadwood. And still then it would only work if he played for free. Those other guys are too greedy to take the cut anyway

    • Diego Altamirano Morales says:

      Bro I’m only with Barca because Messi is just a dam legend

    • Arani Ghosh says:

      @kakka pylly its not legally allowed to reduce your salary by more than 50% in spain

  7. 🐐 says:

    Lionel Messi deserved to leave his lifetime club with a full stadium celebrating him, not like this…

    • Jambo says:

      real and barca are known for giving bad farewells… cassilas, ramos, messi, all these good impact for clubs players are not respected by these clubs and these two clubs only care about money that’s why they still haven’t left Super league and karma got them to be bankrupt and have best players leave

    • Xeruth Kênh says:

      @Jambo covid god dammit

    • YouTube RAIYCHU says:

      Covid-19 dude 🤦

  8. The black alien project 🅥 says:

    Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: “Dios guarde a tu familia y a ti de toda enfermedad Amén.

  9. Scayron says:

    always thought he was gonna end his career at barca, with magnificent chanting on his final ever game!… never thought it would end like this


    Messi kelihatan sedih banget ya, jadi ikut sedih.
    semoga karirnya semakin baik kedepan

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