$1 vs $10,000 Champions League Seats

$1 vs $10,000 Champions League Seats

WE spent 30k and 3 months working on this video, please LIKE IT OR I WILL CRY PLS

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25 Responses

  1. Denergy says:

    Crunch really went this far to entertain us. Mad respect

  2. Legends4life_editz says:

    Can we respect and appreciate how much money and time and effort he spends for us to enjoy his videos❤️

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    As a city fan, I cannot tell you how mad I would be if crunch went to the first leg of RMA vs MCI. I am so glad he went to the 2nd leg.

  4. Benjamin Carey says:

    he spent so much to entertain us! and such a big game, with his family and his team lost but he still brought us with him. what a legend ❤

  5. PIEFUNGUN says:

    This guy never fails to entertain us!

  6. Itsfiras says:

    I just don’t get how he entertains us that much❤

  7. ऊँ says:

    This guy never fails to entertain us lots of love ❤️

  8. Villamer says:

    Crunch will never disappoint us with this video 🎉👍🏻

  9. Marikanty Akshay says:

    Hard luck bro. I was literally crying after they got destroyed. But don’t worry bro next year we will win the champions league. This man never disappoints his fans. He does everything to make his fans happy.

  10. bcrbro says:

    Can we respect how much he does to entertain us. Madness mate. Best YouTuber I’ve found in a good while.

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