100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 1

100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore: Episode 1

Grian surviving 100 Hours In Minecraft Hardcore I am spending 100 hours in minecraft hardcore and trying to do all the minecraft things and still survive till the end, when do you think I will fail? This is a unique series where we have guests on to help out with difficult tasks


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28 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    Calling it, this man will have made more progress in just 100 hours than I could ever do in years.

  2. Jack Mitchell says:

    I love how the timer puts into perspective how much time it takes to just RECORD an episode. Let alone editing and all the other stuff. Really makes you appreciate it.

  3. Spotdy321 says:

    I love watching this right after Impulses episode. The difference in they’re hardcore playstyles is great 🤣

  4. Beth Edwards says:

    Pearl: *Searches everywhere and finds literally every other forest before the spruce forest.*
    Grian: Casually spawns in one. 👍

    • Shane Y. says:

      Pearl is doing a HC series also? I didn’t know unfortunately. I for the most part watch YouTube streams and episodes not twitch. Guess I’m missing out on a number of Hermits who are not posting on YouTube 😥

    • Krystallight Pancake says:

      @Shane Y. pearl actually posted it on YT

    • Shane Y. says:

      @Krystallight Pancake I’m subscribed to her and just checked and no video. Do you have a link you can share please? Thank you 💓

  5. ItzPeridot says:

    I laughed so hard when Grian hit us with “haha.. good soup”

  6. Fin Thiessen says:

    The timer really puts into perspective how long it takes to film an episode! Would love that on hermit craft at least from time to time!

  7. UltimateBolt says:

    If Grian’s other friends start making videos, this will be the best unintended video series ever

  8. Caleb Sappia says:

    Grian: for one hours worth of work, this isn’t that much.”
    Also grian: *has full diamond tools.

  9. Joe Mama says:

    Wouldn’t mind 10 hours each episode. That way we would have a max of ten episodes.

  10. Earthlover says:

    Grain: “Why is everyone invading my server!?”

    Scar: *was on server an hour and twenty minutes before Grian*

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