1000hp Ford F-150 “Gator” drag races K-Swapped 900hp Honda Civic // THIS vs THAT

1000hp Ford F-150 “Gator” drag races K-Swapped 900hp Honda Civic // THIS vs THAT

See you at the The LA Coliseum on February 5th, 5pm for The Busch Light Clash! Come for NASCAR and see some of the Hoonigan car fleet. Event & ticket info here: https://bit.ly/3DkKtV9

Undefeated racer (at least on this show) Beto from @ONDGAS returns from far-off Houston, and he’d like you all to meet Gator. Gator’s a simple “stock built” build with twin turbochargers, built Coyote engine, beadlock wheels for grip and “some” nitrous… “if we need it.” Meanwhile Robert’s Civic has a sweet K20 engine swap, a honkin’ 72mm Precision turbo, and is required by NHRA law to have a parachute. Who’s gonna win? And who’s lyin’??

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00:00 Intro
02:34 THIS: Robert’s 1999 Honda Civic
05:25 THAT: Beto’s 2019 Ford F-150
09:09 Predictions & Prep
10:16 Round 1
11:47 Round 2
13:44 Round 3

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22 Responses

  1. Tater VFX says:

    I’d love a this vs that champions where we take all the previous winners together for a bracket tournament

  2. That Guy says:

    The editors had a field day with this one LMAO

  3. Adrian V says:

    Ondgas really brings what the people like. Every video with them in it has 1 million views👀

    • Wes says:

      I see RCSB drag trucks and I am clicking on the video. Its amazing how fast these newer trucks can be if built correctly

  4. RacetruckRon says:

    ONDGAS guys never disappoint! We need an ONDGAS vs the world series.

  5. Miguel Rosales says:

    That truck is literally “THE” definition of a sleeper looking truck, but with slicks 👌

  6. Doms Show says:

    ONDGAS always bring a good show. Hilariously difficult to get any concrete info out of these boys😂

    • MasterWasp74 says:

      @Cole T Truck is 4wd. he just does the tire warmups in 2wd so he can spin them – he said this in the video.

      But still – well over 1000 that is for sure. 1400 is a good estimate.

    • JGL says:

      @Cole T the truck is 4×4 awd

    • Sergio says:

      @Cole T truck is not rwd it’s 4×4

    • Cole T says:

      @NutButDontTella No that shit was at least 1400 if you watch the other episodes with him he bullshits the horsepower every time between 300-500 hp, not bashing the guy or you just facts. Damn near 2000 pound heavier truck making close to the same power as a 2700 pound awd civic and the truck being rwd and it gaps it like that like that? Something isn’t what they say it is…

    • NutButDontTella says:

      @zero elevate  You’re kidding right? Stock motor Coyote F150’s from that shop run mid 8’s all day. They have the record, can’t have the record for a STOCK motor truck if it’s built lol.

  7. CronoSS says:

    That Honda is serious fast. But when you hear coyote and “midnight performance” in the same sentence, you know what you in for

  8. Brandon says:

    Man in the Civic was fightin’ for his life with every pull 😂

  9. russrt spooling says:

    Already knew the outcome from the thumbnail. Those f150’s with a turbo 5.0 AWD don’t play…. Damn those trucks are fast

  10. Alex says:

    Glad to see y’all back! I hope all is well for everyone at hoonigan!

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