2 men convicted in Arbery murder sentenced to life without parole, 1 to life with parole possibility

2 men convicted in Arbery murder sentenced to life without parole, 1 to life with parole possibility

The three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery will be sentenced in Glynn County Friday.

A jury found the three white men accused of killing Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man guilty on most of the 29 charges they faced the day before Thanksgiving.

Arbery was shot and killed on Feb. 23, 2020. Cellphone video leaked to the public shows two armed white men in a truck approaching the 25-year-old Black man as he runs down the road. One of the men, later identified as Travis McMichael, and Arbery struggle over McMichael’s shotgun before Arbery is shot and collapses.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan, who recorded the video, are all charged with murder in Arbery’s death.

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36 Responses

  1. MindSecrets says:

    “He went for a run and ended up running for his life.” Chilling words from the Judge. Accountability at last.

    • Aphreyst says:

      @mark price when was he rifiling through anything? He literally just looked around and left. Your brain must love to create your own little reality because real life is too real for you.

    • Rl Lr says:

      @Aphreyst power tools. Answer given you fool

    • whiskerstars says:

      Went for a jog in his timberlands lmfao

    • mark price says:

      @Aphreyst He did his stealing at night. He is seen on many visits to folks property at night. This daytime visit to the house was to see what was available to come back after with a car and at night. The guy was up to no good and we all know it.

  2. Sandy Edwards says:

    This judge is a stellar example of clear, professional decision making. And he has done everything related to this difficult trial in a way that demonstrates respectfulness to all involved. All judges (and justices) should follow his example of decorum.

    • Mamadou Aziza says:

      Not really.. Why convict a young boy who has his entire life ahead of him?
      The boy was defending himself against a bunch of low life felons…

    • Bob Smith says:

      @Sebastian Amadeus Wolfgang Kalishnikopf you seem pretty intelligent and level headed! so why are you wasting your time bantering with a pathetic collection of braindead libtards? it’s obvious the overwhelming majority of them have had their brains sucked out and replaced with dogshit!! of course due to the communist control of the MSM as well as our education system!!!

    • Bob Smith says:

      @Slim Jim BINGO!!

    • Speak easy says:

      @Gregg Re They actually have no reason to believe he stole anything. The house was not theirs The owner stated to the nothing was stolen.and it was obvious he had no items while running.

    • Tyhler Novac says:

      Remembering A Legend Betty White…
      https://youtu.be/70ONNr0D6AU ********

  3. Ollie Ox says:

    It looks perfectly fair. They got what they deserved. Lesson to be learned: if you’re a congenital idiot and you see somebody walking, jogging, running, rolling, or dancing outside – but not threatening you in any way – leave them alone. Do not kill them.

  4. Mary Lou says:

    Much respect to this judge. He was fair and honest. Justice was served.

  5. Shenethea Crockett says:

    It’s sad to have to say props to this judge for doing his job. He did a stellar job and did exactly what his parameters aloud him to do. He didn’t put his prejudices, thoughts or feelings into this trial. He was fair and appeared to study and know the laws. It’s a great day in America. Don’t drop the soap

    • Bill T Marchi says:

      @Shenethea Crockett Aubry was a crook who attacked a guy who had a rifle and tried to take it and use it. His life was worthless just like Floyd browns wright’s and all the others

    • Shenethea Crockett says:

      @Bill T Marchi sad u feel that way Bull. God bless u my man🙏

    • salaciousBastard says:

      @Bill T Marchi If you’re angry about the verdict and sentence, send these clowns some money for their prisoner accounts so they can buy plenty of soap on a rope and/or lube to prepare their anuses.

    • Keeper says:

      @Common Tater absolutely

  6. Inked_n_Indigenous says:

    I want to thank the jury & judge for doing what was right, and what was expected of them. This judge is an amazing example of how a judge should behave, given the great power they hold. I again send my condolences and love to Ahmaud’s family & friends, my thoughts are always with you folks. In regards to the defendants, I hope and pray that these pieces of garbage suffer every single day for the rest of their lives. You took a wonderful young man from this world, who did absolutely nothing wrong. And you will pay for that in this life and the next!

  7. jamarla bellinger says:

    Judges like him are the ones who should be promoted to higher positions of power. A supreme court full of judges like him, would give me solace.

    • jamarla bellinger says:

      I guess you would prefer the judge to refer to Amaud Arbery as a criminal? Made him look like a menace who had it coming? Like the Rittenhouse judge? Did you want the judge to give them accolades?
      That’s why I gave the judge a compliment. Not because of the verdict (which the jury gave)
      So yeah …the entire point was missed by You
      and no one else. 💯

    • xxJoexX1 says:

      @Emanual Carr more like would she have the same energy if was 3 black men got life for killing a white boy which most likely not , you would see blacks in the streets protesting for a reduced sentence

    • Emanual Carr says:

      @jamarla bellinger The reason I asked you if you would keep thee same energy for the judge had the jury found them guilty is;

      1. To see if you were just happy they were convicted. Or if you really studied the case and understood the laws presented to make the determintation of the judge being fit if the outcome did not go your way.

      2. You detailed out the reasons why you thought he was fair and qualified for the case. I not only agree with your answer and understanding of the case without bias. But respect the time you took to detail it out. Much respect for being your own person and not doing what a lot of people do, which is just go along for the get along. With NO real understandimg of the details and how they were found guilty; with such probable cause and corroborating evidence that showed malice intent and vigilantism.

      Thank you mam

    • Emanual Carr says:

      @xxJoexX1 I also agree to your scenerio. You are spot on. This is why I asked the question. You fully understand where I was going with it. The idea was; did she like him out of fairness, or because the law was followed rather they were found guilty or innocent. She answered it though.

      But I like your question better than my original question. Thanks

  8. MR. D-ROB says:

    If Judge Timothy runs for president I’d vote for him. He exemplifies professionalism. This is what a judge is supposed to be. Impartial, objective and fair!

  9. D'von Antonio says:

    This judge gave a masterclass in how to be a judge, not because of the sentencing, but how he handled the case from the beginning up to this point.

    • SCATTERBRAIN says:

      polar opposite in the kyle slaughterhouse trial

    • zoultron Zoultron says:

      @SCATTERBRAIN actually it was the same . Kyle was running away from people chasing him but he got lucky and killed them . This guy was running away but didn’t have a gun and was killed and the other guys got convicted of murder. If Kyle didn’t have a gun the other three guys would have got the same .

    • SCATTERBRAIN says:

      @zoultron Zoultron here we go with this fascism again… as far as that logic Trump has threatened me and my family’s future now i have to defend myself and go scatter his brains. you go ahead and Martyrize sycophants though, great job

    • zoultron Zoultron says:

      @SCATTERBRAIN you just made no since. I guess you have to make stuff up if you don’t have a real answer.

  10. Raleigh Link says:

    They don’t even look sorry for what they did, it really goes to show how psychotic they are to still be justifying their actions after killing someone for literally no reason at all.

    • Jason Kimball says:

      You leftists really are something else. He literally attacked one of them, the one holding the gun. So you are lying. You also probably think he is a jogger? I realize lazy leftists don’t know anything about running and working out, so I shouldn’t be surprised by the ignorance.

    • smilingsince87 says:

      @remmy malone This 🙌🏽

    • William Frawley says:

      They’re evil and got what they deserve, but what are they supposed to look like? What does sorry look like?

    • Sedition Hunter says:

      They weren’t sorry: Additional evidence was presented by the prosecutor to support the murder charges, including a statement to the GBI by Bryan that Travis said “fucking ni**er” as Arbery lay dying.

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