2 POTATOES! It’s so delicious that I make it almost every weekend. No oven

2 POTATOES! It’s so delicious that I make it almost every weekend. No oven

2 POTATOES! It’s so delicious that I make it almost every weekend. No oven

water 100ml
milk 100ml
white sugar 12g/1tbsp
active dry yeast 3g/½tsp
all-purpose or bread flour 300g
salt 3g
olive oil 15ml
potatoes 360g
unsalted butter 28g/2tbsp
cheddar cheese 80g

360g potatoes
Dice the potatoes
Move to a pot
600ml water
Cook for 15 minutes on medium high heat
100ml water
100ml milk
12g white sugar
3g active dry yeast
Mix and wait for 5 minutes
300g all purpose or bread flour
3g salt
Mix well
15ml olive oil
Knead the dough until smooth
Continue to knead the dough
Cover and rest for 15 minutes
Drain the water from the potatoes
28g unsalted butter
Mash the potatoes
Divide into 8 parts
After 15 minutes
Divide the dough into 8 parts
Take each piece of dough and shape into a ball
Cover and rest for 10-15 minutes
80g cheddar cheese
Take one section of the mashed potato
Shape into a ball
Create a divot in the center
Put some shredded cheese in the center
Cover up the cheese with the potato
After letting the dough rest
Flatten the dough with a rolling pin
The diameter is 12cm
Place a potato ball in the center and wrap it up with the dough
Flatten the dough gently
Medium heat
A bit of oil
Place the dough in the pan
Fry for 3 minutes
Flip over and fry for another 2 minutes
Continue to fry until both sides are golden brown
Repeat the process with the remaining ingredients
So soft and delicious!

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27 Responses

  1. Aakanksha Bhatia says:

    This is almost similar to to an Indian bread (stuffed potato paratha), except that it uses wheat flour instead of all purpose flour. You can skip the yeast and it’s just 15 mins prep time!

  2. Ben C Naylor says:

    One of the first recipes I used to cook as a child.
    Only I just beat the mash with the flour and cheese, add the yeast and bake in the oven then cut it into triangles and slather it with butter and salt.
    We call it tatty bread. Delicious served with Lancashire hotpot and pickled red cabbage.
    Forgot to say, this is the best recipe for using up old sprouted spuds. Rub off the shoots and steam whole in their jackets. Cool, then pull off the skins and mash (with a spud masher), add the flour, cheeses, chopped scallions or chives if you like (or a good big pinch of kasuri methi), add the activated yeast, mix and roll out. Bake once they’ve risen then eat. 10x easier than this faff and will be just as tasty.

  3. Vivienne Nelson says:

    This is an Irish breakfast food we call it potato bread and is delicious either fried,toasted or on its own with butter.At Halloween time we make potato bread with apples inside it ,really nice warm ,melted butter and sprinkle if sugar on the top

  4. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    That recipe is anything but simple if you ask me. I don’t have time to make those potatoes. Also they looked blain at the end not to exciting. But I’m sure they tasted great:)

  5. Kheft Kaligari says:

    It’s like combining a perogies recipe with a Bannock recipe. Two foods I love. I’ll have to make this soon, thank you for sharing!

  6. Theresa McGuire says:

    This looks wonderful and so nice you don’t need an oven!

  7. celinedrules says:

    That looks anything but simple. Looks delicious though.

  8. kate turner says:

    Agree with Scott’s comment…
    The weekend would be long gone by the time these were ready..simple potato cakes just as tasty..just add cheese.

  9. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    I thought I’d make this for breakfast as it looked so easy. I followed the recipe exactly but the dough was tacky and not as together as yours so I added flour to make it less wet. Of course the resting time of 15 mins didn’t make a single bit of difference. There was no rise. I felt so disappointed. I’m persevering to see what it looks like. Oh boy 😮

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