22 Pokémon Moves You’ve Never Heard Of

22 Pokémon Moves You’ve Never Heard Of

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22 Pokémon Moves that are so obscure that you’ve probably never heard of them.
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31 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    The Cave Form Mytey (with glow in the dark goggles) is available RIGHT NOW at https://mandjtvmerch.com/ 😀 (and the socks too)

  2. Not Yours says:

    Chilly Reception is a good move in singles. It is a slow pivot move, meaning that unlike normal switching which always happens first, you cannot hurt the incoming Pokémon, only the Slowking (which usually has regenerator anyways).

    It also gets rid of sun, debuffing Protosynthesis pokemon.

  3. Tem07 says:

    Chilly Reception is actually a very good move, as it can ruin weather teams, and also its good for pivoting.

    • Diego Medina says:

      And something tells me Weather might become more common than before. Maybe not Gen 5 common but still quite common.

  4. meepswag35 says:

    Lokix is actually pretty good, tinted lens, a pretty decent attack stat, stab u-turn and first impression and good dark stab is a good combo

  5. IcyScream says:

    Chilling reception was created because teleport was removed from slowkings move list, gen 8 teleport was incredibly good on defensive pokemon allowing responsive switches, along with facilitating slush rush strategies in singles.

  6. weewoomaster says:

    Chilly reception is actually good in singles on stall teams. It allows Slowking or Glowking to tank a hit and then switch out into a less bulky pokemon (healing with regenerator as well) because it has negative priority. Also I knew every move in this video.

  7. Meiji says:

    Wish they’d kept Spotlight as another way to counter redirection apart from Stalwart

    Also as many have pointed out Chilly Reception is used a lot, and it’ll be even more viable when Alolan ice types are added in the DLC

  8. Moblin Major General says:

    I still remember when Smogon had a meltdown about Z-Celebrate in Gen VII because of how strong the boosts from it were.

  9. Angel says:

    Mortal Spin is actually a prevalent move in competitive singles due to stealth rocks and spikes (both versions) being decently common, especially with the introduction of clodsire that can carry all of these moves. Mortal Spin functions like stealth rock while also spreading poison to an enemy pokemon.

  10. PrismaticPulse says:

    Spotlight might actually work well in situations where your second Pokemon is using Outrage/Petal Dance/etc since it chooses a random target. You could ensure that it hits the Pokemon that you want it to.

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