24 hours in copenhagen, denmark

24 hours in copenhagen, denmark

rye, hummus, and sharp cheddar. gotta try it.

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18 Responses

  1. Brianna says:

    I bet Emma’s dad is just loving every moment of these trips. Spending time with his daughter, taking beautiful shots and traveling. I love the change of pace in these vlogs. Easy going.

    • Feminist Vlogs - No boys allowed! says:

      I am the cool kid from Germany making videos for the USA and the rest of the world. I will make your day so don’t say nay to me today, dear vri

  2. Olivia Smith says:

    I really hope that Emma feels happier now that she’s taking longer breaks from youtube and just traveling and spending time with her dad. Shes worked/working so hard so that the quality of her content never disapoints and it never has. Thank you emma for making so many peoples day!!!

  3. Hats Off says:

    I love the fact that she’s just casually traveling the world, bring us with her on her journey, and not letting anything change who she is. Love you Emma! 🤍🤍

  4. Luke Alexander says:

    Emma out here in her travel Vlog era and I’m so here for it. Love the cinematography and editing of these videos ❤️

  5. Izabel says:

    Emma has changed her way of filming & editing so many times in the past few years and yet each and every time I enjoy her content so so much no matter where she is, what she does or how she decides to edit it….. i love her

  6. Olivia Smith says:

    Makes me feel so much better when she posts

    • Text me on Telegram: @Emmachamberlainss says:

      🎁☝Thank you for always watching and commenting. You have been selected in our draw 🎊✨Winners should text on telegram to claim their prize,,,…

  7. kannt says:

    the credits thing made this feel so professional and unique I loved that touch but also that she didn’t cut out the audio during the credits that was a good way to smooth it over tysm for sharing your experiences with us Emma stay safe !

  8. Af says:

    Emmas relationship with her parents is just, i dont know, but her parents were so good to her and i think that’s that why she’s like she is. I really like her dad.

  9. Ava Adams says:

    I love this! Im from Denmark, and this was really fun to watch! Always love to see what people think of Denmark.
    Thank you for visiting!

  10. Briana Chovancek says:

    This is so beautiful. Definitely takes a lot of time and effort to edit so well. I adore you Emma ❤️

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