444kg Savage Wrecking Ball Vs. Bulletproof Glass from 45m @ 13,000fps!

444kg Savage Wrecking Ball Vs. Bulletproof Glass from 45m @ 13,000fps!

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20 Responses

  1. That's Amazing says:

    That last slow mo clip was sooo satisfying 👀

  2. Jason Dolman says:

    Editor Jack is the unsung hero for all the great “Dennis” shots lately.

    I reckon we should let Jack name the new spiky Mace ball to what ever he wants.

  3. Lar deSouza says:

    I’m ready for ten in November. Also I think Moses is a pretty good name for the spikey ball. 🙂 Wishing Rexy a speedy recovery! Thank you for another great video!

  4. Ben Brockman says:

    You guys should name him “Moses!” Because he parted the doors just like Stanford said they would!

  5. Matthew Bradley says:

    If the Phantom is “The Phantom Dennis”, I think it’s only fitting that it’s name is Maul. Spikey and destructive, like the sith lord, himself!

  6. B-dog 20 says:

    Name it “Paul” Paul the spike ball. And Rexy is a legend and legends never die.🦖🦖🦖

  7. pezboy715 says:

    I’m all about simplicity, so I really just like calling the ball “Spike”. Seems on the nose, but it’s a pretty ripper name.

  8. Matt Smith says:

    You have to name it “Mace” Windu or “Samuel J” after the aforementioned purple-saber legend

    • Rich O says:

      Would love them to have the same inscription on the ball that Sam Jackson has on his lightsabre, “Bad Motherfucker”
      Can’t see them doing it tho seeing as they’re good old bible thumpers

  9. Roemer Hakman says:

    The name i submit for the spike ball is “Bowser” hahah! Amazing content boys!

  10. Rian Dalton says:

    This has to be one of the most realistic “low-speed” meteor impact simulators ever made lol

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