49ers vs. Cowboys Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

49ers vs. Cowboys Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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51 Responses

  1. Steven says:

    Deebo Samuel is a freakin machine. He’s so fast and unstoppable. It’ll be interesting to see him vs Packers defence next week.

    • North of Main Street says:

      @Elijah Schwartz yeah if Bosa doesn’t play Niners will be in hot water… the only reason the Cowboys crept back into this game was because the pass rush kind of waned when Bosa was ruled out for the rest of the game…

    • North of Main Street says:

      @Gregory Bullock (Fade) run heavy teams are not at a disadvantage in the cold unless they have fumbling problems….

    • Matthew Carhee says:

      pls don’t be mislead lol Rodgers will do damage to them

    • Keep it a buck says:

      @D Conn Good luck with that

    • Gregory Bullock (Fade) says:

      @North of Main Street Packers will make them pass. I just don’t see San Francisco going into that weather n winning regardless if they run 70% of the time

  2. ExtraSalt says:

    This is probably the most embarrassing Cowboys playoff loss ever, and it was shown on Nickelodeon

  3. MCES LEX says:

    The cowboys prep was to practiced every penalty from the NFL handbook, never seen anything like it.

  4. wbbb1256 says:

    “The Cowboys will do Cowboyish things” -Shannon Sharpe

    • Nicayla May says:

      Dink n Dak come playoff talk. Dude can’t read his own progressions on ALOT of plays. He cost y’all this game and McCarthys play selection. Zeke is done, too slow now. Defense is decent and will get better with more experience together. O-line needs help desperately idek where I’d begin I just would. I had y’all by a field goal and again Dallas choked, looked sloppy, playoff cursed.

  5. luis ornelas says:

    Not even my own middle school football team had that many penalties.

  6. Rey Rey says:

    That run DeeBo scored that touch down shows great patience and disciplined why you follow your lead blockers and look for a opening as he did to make that 💥💣🏃

  7. Jonathan Riojas says:

    It’s getting so hard to defend this freaking team.

    One and done…just like everybody was saying we were gonna do. And all the penalties that we just gave ourselves. Pathetic. We deserve this loss.

  8. m c says:

    The Cowboys’ punter was their best player.
    He kept them in the game by pinning the Niners inside the ten several times.
    Threw for a first down and got another first down on the roughing call.
    They ought to pay him Zeke money.

  9. JeremyShaferOrigami says:

    The ref sprinting with all his might and pushing through the offensive line to place the ball as time runs out. Wow! What an ending!

  10. toogyman says:

    I’m not a 49er fan but I would have Deebo as the MVP all day
    The guy is a monster

    • 90bayarea says:

      He means for the team I think..not the league

    • Madmartigan says:

      He’s no N’keal Harry.

    • The Homie Ricky says:

      @Madmartigan haha hes better than that bust lol.Yes Deebo should be MVP of the league for its him the niners are in this position, hes thrown the ball for touchdowns, runs and catches. His physical play is marshawn lynch like. Its time for a new postion to earn MVP. its always a QB, they should have a qb award, mvp isnt just about stats. Its much more than than, IMPACT, and Deebo does it better than BRady and Rodgers who the league panders to

    • alex Zaid says:

      I mean his name is deebo lol 😆

    • John Bender says:

      He was lights out for me on my fantasy team this year, stole him in the draft too.

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