6 Months Pregnant Living in the Woods

6 Months Pregnant Living in the Woods

We can hardly believe we’re going to be parents in 3 months! So, how does it feel to be living out in the woods while 6 months pregnant?! Go to our sponsor https://betterhelp.com/eamonandbec for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.

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We moved out to our cabin in the woods nearly 3 years ago & little by little we have made this place an amazing home. This week we tackle a “curb appeal” project that’s been on our minds for quite some time. Our cabin’s exterior gets a facelift while I (Bec) continue to learn about the new mental and physical challenges of being 26 weeks pregnant.

0:00 we’re having a baby!
1:30 pregnancy pains & bad sleeps
4:46 1 year from cancer to pregnancy
8:25 today’s cabin project
14:06 here goes nothing 🚜
17:45 bump date
21:30 10 minute curry recipe
26:21 Bec takes the tractor for a spin
28:59 TA-DA!

Videos to catch up on:
We’re Having a Baby https://youtu.be/1etmrOYWjvY?si=TVb-hKLyyL6AEMF5
Our Official Gender Reveal https://youtu.be/J2OaEq0Tr8I?si=jWUSTfd-QiYZdvbN
Honest Pregnancy Q+A https://youtu.be/IKair5-v9IE?si=oJMnH4rakMkxnwxM

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24 Responses

  1. Eamon & Bec says:

    Good morning! Happy Sunday ❤! As I mentioned in my bathroom chat, I feel like many of you are on a fertility and/or pregnancy journey and I’d love to use this comment section as a place where we can connect. How far along are you? How are you feeling? Sending love to all x

  2. Costa's World of Music Memories says:

    Hi Eamon, Bec and Moso. It’s so refreshing to hear from you guys how the Youtube community has been so supportive of you. You never take anything for granted. That’s why we love you guys. As a community we go through our own personal struggles as you do. Bec, to go through an illness and a pregnancy or for that matter any woman is a hero in my book. And Eamon, to be there when Bec needs you is what makes it more satisfying. That’s why we continue to follow you on this journey. ❤ Thank you, that we’re a part of this community.
    Sending you love and prayers ❤❤ Jim, Harriet and Yuki. Richmond, Va.

  3. Rachelle DeLuccio says:

    Happy Sunday! I can’t watch a video from you without having a strong emotional response. You always thank us for being a part of your journey but I feel so much gratitude that you have included us in your journey. I found you during the Pandemic and during lockdown a video from you two was one of the highlights or my week. I have had so many life changes as well and seeing you come through flourishing is so encouraging!

  4. Christy Milbourne says:

    As a turtle rehabber (in Mississippi) who is also beginning a battle with breast cancer, I need to say thank you. Thank you, Bec, for sharing your journey with breast cancer with us. You’re inspirational to me and I strive to be as strong as you were. I know I can beat it too. And Eamon, thank you for saving the turtle! ❤ We actually named two of of our rescue turtles Eamon and Bec this year.🐢

  5. Patricia Hall says:

    Great job with the garden path Eamon & Bec … thank you for helping Wilfred the turtle off the road … wonderful vlog ❤️

  6. Donna Earley says:

    Eamon and Bec, you two have this pregnancy down to an art! I love how open and honest you speak about what you have experienced in the past year and a half.
    I know that you are helping someone out there.
    My babies are 36 and 35 so it’s been awhile since I’ve been pregnant. I know that I needed this encouragement and support when I was pregnant (in 1986).
    I love how you two encourage, support and love each other- that’s all you need!
    Aren’t our bodies amazing though? We produce a hormone that causes our hips to open up as the pregnancy progresses. To me that’s just amazing, our bodies know exactly what to do.
    Love my Sunday mornings because I know I have your videos to look forward to.

    • Aaron Hall says:

      I’m a kid and I’m 9 years old” I like my life” I live on a farm and It’s fun to wake up In the morning and just get a cup of tea and for drink my tea for like 5 mins and after that I go the my cows, pigs, cikons, sheep and horses and see if there ok and then I go to my home and get my boots and go feed the cows, pigs, chions, sheep and horses and then go the harvest the crops and I go home and eat the stuff I harvested and share is with my family.

  7. 🐞firefly🍄 says:

    Bec has been through a lot this past year. And now she is bringing more joy into the home. I’ve been here since 2020 and I’m just so PROUD!

  8. Jessica Ball says:

    I’m currently 5 months postpartum, and watching you go through this pregnancy is so nostalgic! I will say the first 2 months were so rough with our little guy since he had a tongue and lip tie we had to fix & sleep deprivation and exclusive pumping was HARD. My husband and i have never been closer but also have never argued more in our lives. Learning to meet your needs, communicate your needs, and keep a human alive can be A LOT. Know that postpartum isnt always sunshine and rainbows, but everything is a season with some seasons better than others. Our son has been such a joy and has been SO fun lately, he has his own personality, loves to laugh, and has started army crawling all over the house. Its so cool to watch this person grow into their own, and im sure youll love experiencing it with baby girl! I cant wait to see your journey into parenthood. Sidenote – a pregnancy pillow between my knees and supporting my back helped LOADS with the hip pain!

    Edit to say I totally hated that my mom said honey ALL the time & now I call my son “honey” / “sweet honey baby”. Maybe it happens after you turn 30 & have a kiddo! Lol

  9. ylenia ferrara says:

    As a young cancer survivor seeing you so happy, healthy and about to start a family makes me feel so good and grateful for second chances life gives us. I was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 28, and I was newly married. I’m in remission now and every day I think about having my first baby as soon as possible! I send you hugs 🤗❤️

  10. ssg4229 says:

    I found you guys while going through breast cancer treatment at age 30!!! I am now in my last week of radiation treatment!!! You both give me a lot of hope!!!! Even after cancer we still can live our lives to the fullest!!! So happy for you two!!!

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