A Tribute To Sean Lock

A Tribute To Sean Lock

Remembering Sean Lock — one of our greatest comedians and a much-loved part of the Channel 4 family. RIP Sean. You will be missed.

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22 Responses

  1. Amy Scho says:

    “You can’t write tears, Jimmy.”

    Sean was absolutely right. Rest In Peace.

  2. Rationality Rules says:

    A great loss. We’ll always have his smile and jokes, but damn is cancer brutal. If any of Sean’s friends or family see this, we’re thinking of you.

  3. Draw_Ornately says:

    I’m gutted. The last time I felt like this was after reading the news we’d lost Rik Mayall. Sean was one of the few comedians who genuinely made me laugh.
    What terrible news. RIP Sean, and my heart goes out to your family

    • Judge Berry says:

      Same here. The last time I remember being so shocked and saddened by a celebrity death was also Rik Mayall. Two exceptionally funny blokes. Rip.

  4. Ross M84 says:

    Sean Lock made this show – a proper unique sense of humour with perfect timing and delivery. The ‘Beamrules’ & Christmas Card mix up in this video and the vouchers are both absolute genius. RIP Sean

  5. Razeen Carelse says:

    Sean Lock was the one of the funniest comics of his generation and we’re richer for having been able to witness his genius.

    Condolences to his family, friends and all 8 out of 10 Cats fans

  6. the maths debater says:

    i think the best compliment i could give him is that i never thought he’d make me cry from anything other than laughter,
    rest in peace Sean Lock

  7. COMBO says:


  8. Addictedtobleeps says:

    He won me over with the Big Brother and Argos net joke years ago. Fantastic comedian!

  9. Sue Henderson says:

    Just a devastating loss. Crying my eyes out while laughing at all the memories.

  10. Aimee Coleman says:

    It’s quite a tribute when it’s just your own jokes and everyone else enjoying them. What a talent

    • jabertcul 123 says:

      Quite literally was the funniest man on earth if you ask me, Its a shame we wont hear any more from him, his old ones will always make me laugh, cancer is brutal.

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