Alabama pastor who was arrested while watering neighbors’ garden speaks out l GMA

Alabama pastor who was arrested while watering neighbors’ garden speaks out l GMA

Pastor Michael Jennings, 56, says he’s still coming to terms of the incident after police arrested him while watering plants for an out-of-town neighbor this past spring.

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23 Responses

  1. Mike Stefka says:

    The neighbor and police should know there is no crime going on when someone is doing chores whether you know him or not.

  2. Kirk H says:

    He’s a retired officer and you can tell he was a good one too. The law is simple. You don’t not have to give ID unless there is reasonable articulable suspicion of a crime. And no. Standing outside watering plants is not a crime unless the property owner calls. You don’t get to ID citizens just because someone else calls to say there’s a man over there watering plants on someone else’s property. This is why we have the 4th amendment.

  3. M. Coleman says:

    The pastor didn’t have to do anything different! He was not breaking the law– not by watering his neighbor’s yard, not by refusing to show ID. This reeks of showing freedom papers and is an absolute angering thing to see! This is not a police state! Watering a lawn is suspicious and grounds for arrest? Whew! Lord help us! God bless this man–we’ve seen it emd differently, far too often, thabk God it didn’t, this time. 🙏🏽

    • DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! says:

      I want to point out one thing. Even for states where you have to ID yourself, you don’t have to show ID. All you have to do is say, “My name is (whatever your name is)”. THAT’S IT! You’ve identified yourself. You don’t have to show a physical card. He ID’d himself numerous times. In fact, he went further and told them where he lives and what he does for a living. He did the right thing. If you keep giving up your rights “to make things go easy”, then in the end, they’ll be knocking on your door and checking around to see if you’re doing anything suspicious in your own home!

  4. Steven Baer says:

    Reminds me of Los Angeles CA area, I actually seen something like this. The police department never will actually admit that they’re actually broken the law or ask for apologize for their wrong doing. Oh wow he actually broke the law for watering the plants for his neighbor.

  5. styner3 says:

    The pastor is also a former cop and knew his rights that he wasn’t required to show ID without a reasonable suspicion of a crime.

  6. Yak Motley says:

    The full video was way worse! Those cops were the way out of line, and were on a personal vendetta to prove their authority! I truly urge you to watch the full video! What happened to him was awful!

    • Believer says:

      @Nobody Really Yes. That is always what I am referring to. Police extremely kind and professional, “pastor” incredibly rebellious and disrespectful. If you cannot see that, I feel sad for you.

    • Believer says:

      Not at all what happened, but, by all means, fan the flame deceitfully.

  7. Josie Lindström says:

    This notion of “we can’t unarrest” the pastor is beyond ludicrous, and over and above all the other reasons that these cops need to be terminated, this one is at the top of the list. OF FREAKING COURSE YOU CAN “unarrest” somebody, particularly when you realize you’ve made the wrong call. This is about thugs wanting to save face – and, thankfully, this whole situation blew up in their faces.

  8. Trevor Callison says:

    God bless you Pastor, so sorry that this happened to you

  9. Christian Derefield says:

    The gentleman reporter Mr TJ was spot on with his comments ! True ” Stand Up” man ! Thank you for bringing awareness to a “unfortunate” case of “mistaken” identity ! Maybe we all can “learn a little something” from this ! Great response ! Thank you !

  10. Mord says:

    “We’re not racial profiling!” Disgusting. Alabama can ask for ID if it’s believed that a person IN A PUBLIC PLACE is doing something illegal. He was watering flowers. Watering. Flowers. Scared that he’d be shot. I hope something in the way of a disciplinary action will be done but yeah, not holding my breath. I also noticed that they didn’t ask for the white woman’s ID….So sorry this happened, Reverend. You showed grace and patience and I admire that

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