Andre Iguodala Gets Real About Jordan Poole

Andre Iguodala Gets Real About Jordan Poole

In this clip, Andre Iguodala talks to JJ and Evan Turner about the fit of Jordan Poole and his fit on The Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

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47 Responses

  1. JJ Redick says:

    Check out the full pod:

  2. Shemzinho says:

    I understand the Draymond punch affected him but he was more polished in the championship year than last year. He went from torching the Nuggets to slipping on invisible banana peels every possession

  3. Diable Jambe says:

    Beyond him inexplicably just slipping/losing the ball constantly, what pissed me off the most was how after losing the ball, he would just throw his hands up/pout and not run back on defense. Meanwhile, his teammates would be hustling back and hes just standing there. That, beyond anything else, was my biggest issue with him.

    • Adrrod W says:

      Why would you play hard for a team when the guy that sucker punched you has the full support of the locker room and front office? The Warriors got what they deserved.

    • Samir L says:

      he clearly downed tools, why would he put in effort when his mentor sucker punched him and got away with it, he felt like the franchise turned against him and he was completely spot on to give up on those who turned on him.

    • Adrrod W says:

      @Samir L too true brother, these fools are tripping

  4. JustKilledIt21 says:

    I think he would have been fine as a 6th man. I think they overestimated his role and gave him too many minutes, consequently felt they owed him a lot of money.

    • tigera6 says:

      They needed him when Klay was still nursing his injury and Poole exceeded that role. But when Klay come back, Poole role got reduced just because Klay is part of the trio. At the same time, because Poole did so well, its only reasonable for him to demand huge money for it too.

    • Ivan RP says:

      @tigera6we should’ve traded Klay & let draymond go

    • DonaTello says:

      Either way they were gonna lose him anyways lol a good bit of situation is damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

    • tigera6 says:

      @Ivan RP yeah, or asking them both to take a pay cut to play in GS. Klay definitely isnt worth 40mil/year just base on his production alone. But GS are loyal to them, maybe too much.

    • beattheodds says:

      Nigga what?? He averaged 20ppg he’s emerged as one of next best young shooting guards in the league. They didn’t over estimate his role because he struggled in the postseason. That shut happens to the best of em man. He would’ve been great piece for them as they continue to try and contend for more rings. No doubt about that whatsoever

  5. The Mark TV says:

    The trying not to try part was my favorite quote in this 😂

  6. zType says:

    At the end of the day Poole was benched in the playoffs and a complete liability defensively. With Jordan Poole the biggest issue was his lack of effort on defense… and when he’s having struggles on offense that issue is amplified 10x. Sucks that it played out the way it did but everyone won in the end… JP got paid and is now the #1 option on his team, Warriors got another championship.

    • xen garcia says:

      And the true is poole quits to GSW team and he should be shameful to him self

    • Alex Escutia says:

      @xen garciathey quit on him draymond knocked him out and nothing came of it and the rest of the team didn’t stick up for him. Shameful

    • Bean KoBe says:

      Draymond been a liability every season … we never seen nobody knock him out or trade him 🥱

    • Peaceful Reality says:

      ​@xen garciaWhat are you even talking about? Because he didn’t play well during the playoffs doesn’t mean he quit. Klay didn’t play well either does that mean he quit too. They’re human and every human has bad games and stretches of time.

    • Tree Snackz says:

      He’s a grown man who pushed another man , those are aggressive fighting actions .

  7. Kryptonite R says:

    I can’t wait to see Poole in DC. I don’t think he’s going to be a superstar, but he will light it up. His defense will always be sus. But it was obvious he mentally checked out of Golden State after the Draymond punch.

    • Polo22546 says:


    • Frappe Xd_ says:

      I think he can be like a ben gordan and before yall go at me for that. Go check ben gordan before the injuries in like 06-10 when he was averaging like 25 a game with the bulls and a young derrick rose. He was all offense and would destroy people in the pick n roll. and had a good deep range. He just was horrible defensively. Kinda like ben gordan can give u 25 a night just was a horrible defender

  8. OPPS RUNNING says:

    Andre was 100% correct on that effort comment. Only guys that played sports at the high levels would understand. When you see guys faking it to get out of situations. Jordan was doing that all last year on defense 😂

    • Isaac Debeila says:

      😂😂😂no he wanted to force Draymond out the same way Draymond wanted to force Poole out… front office said they were looking to cut someone and Poole lost the bet

    • sleeksilve2 says:

      I knew from his demeanor at off-court events he’s that kind of guy. Selfish is the word. Glad he’s gone now. I never really was a fan of him.

  9. Peyton Long says:

    I think Poole going to Washington could actually be really good for him

  10. Jon Poon says:

    Poole is a good player taking good shots. But when he learns the difference between good shots and great shots, he’ll unlock into something else

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