Animation vs. Physics

Animation vs. Physics

Come on guys… it’s not rocket science


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26 Responses

  1. @alanbecker says:

    If anything isn’t accurate, blame my lead animator, he’s the physics nerd behind this. Watch the reaction/commentary here:

  2. @Borzah says:

    Alan deserves an Oscar award

  3. @thanhhoang-sz7ze says:

    I think scientists have forgotten Alan, he is truly a genius when it comes to synthesizing all the physics of everything into one truly amazing video.

  4. @MedorraBlue says:

    My jaw *dropped.* We got a sequel?!

    I’m in bio/health and so much of this is wildly, spectacularly over my head, to the point where all I could do is sit and watch, completely awestruck. “Wondrous” is the only word I can put to it. Squealed like a schoolgirl when I realized we were jumping into a cell, even if just for a moment, like it was some kind of cameo. This is just absolutely incredible.

  5. @onemilliongaming8096 says:

    As a person interested in both astronomy and physics, i have to say that not only is this absolutely phenomenal, but it also gave me a lot more insight on new info i never knew before. Keep blowing our minds with your animations, Alan!

  6. @idavid8391 says:

    Glad to see Terkoiz still has the ability to absolutely kill it when it comes to writing and animating. Incredible video.

  7. @strgust says:

    This very quickly went from concepts I recognized from High School Phyics to theories I had never even heard of that I had to keep looking up. It’s super fascinating to see all of those confusing topics represented here in cartoon form though.

  8. @sarthakrana6975 says:

    As a physics student THIS has to be THE greatest video I have ever seen on youtube. This will motivate a lot of people to explore physics.

  9. @I-Need-You-Tonight says:

    You’ve seen destroying Minecraft with Minecraft and destroying Math with Math, but have you seen destroying Physics with Physics?

  10. @twelveover-extend3703 says:

    Wow… this is just a brain explosion. You did a great job of conveying complex things with animations that are understandable to many. This is a rare talent

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