Arcane: Official Trailer

Arcane: Official Trailer

Every legend has a beginning. Welcome friend, to the world of Arcane. Watch the first official trailer for Arcane now, coming to Netflix November 6.

Learn more about Arcane –

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48 Responses

  1. JasonParadise says:

    That animation! So hyped for this. The lore of Runeterra is one of my favorites part of League and this feels like such a massive expansion on it.

  2. Layvee says:

    Riot should really create an animated ser-

  3. Andre Lin says:

    All these years of fans saying “Riot should make an animated show.”

  4. Lurksway says:

    “She’s too far gone” – Caitlyn in LoR interaction with Jinx and in Arcane. So hype!!!!

    • Sr Hamlet says:

      @Elijah It’s kinda weird cause we’ve been told that Yordles are frequently hunted. I’m guessing all that’s going to be retconned in Arcane though.

    • Elijah says:

      @Sr Hamlet yeah they are frequently hunted. Since Tristana, Teemo and Corki were captured on a Runeterra short and Graves mentioned they can be worth a lot of money. Caitlyn hunting Yordles is most likely been retconned since Caitlyn would had shot down or captured Ava on the bamblewood cinematic if it wasn’t.

    • Diệp Triệu says:

      @Elijah To be more specific, it’s the tale of runeterra bandle city vid

    • Gautam Pattnaik says:

      Meanwhile me who can’t get used to a serious jinx 🤣 she looks so badass here

  5. SunnySplosion says:

    seeing Heimerdinger at 0:51 made me realize, ANY champ could make an appearance… i wonder who will get in??

  6. malconnn says:

    If Riot makes a series where they explore the lore for every champion, I’d watch the whole thing

  7. Impostor says:

    I have been waiting for League to make a tv show or movie forever, I can’t wait for this to come out

  8. EiZuya says:

    I’m so glad to part of this history. The first ever League series.

  9. Dennis Jacob says:

    “No monster’s gonna get you while I’m here.”
    *Vi proceeds to camp bot lane*

  10. Salmane Azizi says:

    Jinx’s : “You think I’M crazy ? you should see my sister” makes a lot more sense now !
    Does this mean she actually lost her mind so badly that she forgot or omitted the fact that Vi’s her sister ?

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