Argentina defeats Italy 3-0 behind offensive attack led by Lionel Messi | 2022 Finalissima

Argentina defeats Italy 3-0 behind offensive attack led by Lionel Messi | 2022 Finalissima

Argentina defeated Italy 3-0 in the Finalissima behind a stellar offensive attack led by Lionel Messi. Even though Messi didn’t score, he assisted on two goals and added some jaw-dropping plays. Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martinez and Paulo Dybala scored for Argentina.

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Argentina defeats Italy 3-0 behind offensive attack led by Lionel Messi | 2022 Finalissima

FOX Soccer

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56 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    What does this victory mean for Argentina?

    • Orgullo Azteca says:

      @scaleindependent ok the game Macedonia vs Italy was won by ? And now tell me what that victory means for Macedonia ?

    • GodplaysDice says:

      @Luis Mendez Mexico can beat Poland and come second in group. Then they’ll meet France in R16. That’s what it is.

    • Luis Mendez says:

      That Mexico has no chance World Cup😵‍💫😵‍💫

    • GodplaysDice says:

      @Ricardo Burgos Hungry I’d say. Mark my words, this pre season he’ll be in much better frame physically and mentally. Next season will be a great one for Messi. He can win World cup and UCL. then he can do whatever he wants retire or drop off or go MLS he can chose whatever he wants.

    • GodplaysDice says:

      Good practice against European opposition. UEFA teams get lot of matches due to Euro qualifiers, Nations league etc. CONEMBOL needs more matches with European teams to practice and be ready.

  2. Ben. says:

    You can tell Messi is enjoying himself with this team. He is playing much more freely. Like the Barca days😢

  3. Che Che says:

    Di María as always a key player

    • Stephhyman says:

      Di Maria speed on that goal was so impressive. PSG made me think he couldn’t move like that

    • Abdi Musa says:

      @Cloak-And-Dagger Messi carried argentina on his back if not for him his team would’ve never made it to Copa america finals in the 1rst place🤦🤦🤦🙄🙄🙄

    • Aaron Campos says:

      @Cloak-And-Dagger lol what are you going to be saying if Argentina wins the World Cup?..

    • Avery Sharp says:

      @Luck Link Ronaldo brought the first ever Euros trophy to Portugal lol

    • COTECHYGAMER says:

      @Luck Link international?😂😂 This cup is not recognized by fifa you fool..😂😂. ..

  4. Cristian Rojas says:

    Messi looking like a new man , this is what happens when he doesn’t have to carry a team all season . Gives him time to recover mentally

    • Miami Polo says:

      Lead what team all season?

    • chinnychinchin89 says:

      @Fernando Ortiz you don’t have to be testing positive to continue suffering from the effects of covid. long term covid affects are pretty well documented, people have gone over a year with lingering effects. case in point, if your lungs get badly damaged while you’re sick, it could take months or years to get back to normal functioning- especially for someone who is an elite athlete who has to run on a regular basis, even a small decrease in lung function could have a huge impact on performance.

    • Fernando Ortiz says:

      @chinnychinchin89 how tf did he have covid since January? Nobody keeps it that long 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Fernando Ortiz says:

      Who is exactly was he carrying all this year? Lmao

  5. lord giroud says:

    Messi’s strength is underrated. He really held his own when the defender tried to get him off his stride.

  6. G_ Rey85 says:

    Wow. I almost forgot how Messi looked playing with a passion. He is a different player. He looks like he is having fun. He is explosive and he is playing with a passion

  7. Moesback says:

    Strongest Argentina team I’ve seen in my lifetime, finally have the defensive support to back up the attacking prowess

  8. Hoga Ak says:

    Messi’s game style never goes out of fashion!

    • frio says:

      @Cloak-And-Dagger desperate for likes

    • Hoga Ak says:

      @Cloak-And-Dagger Ha ha ha but seriously, it’s hard to see Argentina without Messi.

    • Cloak-And-Dagger says:

      He’s finished the only thing carrying him is his pr setting up friendless and extra Copa farmericass tournaments to compensate for his yearly choking and bottling😭😭

  9. Alvaro Panitz says:

    This is probably the most incredible game I’ve seen Argentina play, they definitely struggle to do this in the South American Qualifiers

  10. Sebastian Koch says:

    Italy really look a shadow of themselves. Euro 2020 feels so long ago.

    • Bruh says:

      @Nick L Rashford? Not rushford.

    • Aim says:

      @Cloak-And-Dagger No one even mentioned Messi, go to bed.

    • PAPA NUTT says:

      @Delboy0 and what does that have to with what I said? they are European champions and were the best national team for the past 2 years

    • Delboy0 says:

      @Salia Berthé They didn’t beat England they won on PKs. Spain was superior to them but didn’t have a good striker to take advantage of them. England had a much better team than Italy, but the appalling coaching of Southgate levelled the playing field so made the game even, that England should have won easy. So when they player Argentina a team with good strikers and a coach, the true low level of Italy is exposed. Argentina could have won by 5 or 6 nil.

    • Delboy0 says:

      @PAPA NUTT Italy have not played a world cup knock out game in 18 years.

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