Attack on Titan’s Ending Explained

Attack on Titan’s Ending Explained

SeaTactics checks out Attack on Titan’s ending to give an explanation on the ending to Attack on Titan’s ending. Comment below what you thought about Attack on Titan Final Season Part 4. Like the video if you enjoyed my Attack on Titan Ending Explanations and breakdown. Subscribe to support my Attack on Titan videos. Thanks for watching and all of your support over the years.


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47 Responses

  1. SeaTactics says:

    *Check out my other channels:*
    My Weekly Seasonal Anime Podcast 👉👉
    My Chainsaw Man Channel 👉👉

  2. Detective Bluto Mindpretzel says:

    My biggest regret of all this, is that I wish I got into this series sooner. Goodbye Attack on titan. I’ll never forget you.

  3. Dust says:

    Great video man, just one correction at 4:20 Jean and Connie were talking about the day that they burned Marco’s body. That was the moment Jean took the decision to *dedicate his heart to the scouts*. This resolve and change motivated Sasha and Connie to also choose the scouts.

  4. Mark Peñalosa says:

    To all those who watched and read this masterpiece it was a pleasure! Thank you Isayama!!

  5. Shadow6212 says:

    The entire point of AoT was that there was no real villain, just different views and agendas people were fighting for. That’s why Eren chose to become the main villain to unite everyone together by fighting the common enemy. Even tho he knew that the humanity will eventually do the same thing with wars continuing over and over, at least he wanted for his friends to live a peaceful life in the “time of piece”. The ending credits also showed that what he saw was true, the human nature would always find a way to make war and life will always find its meaning. Therefore Eren is the real hero, well, an antihero and one of the most interesting characters ever written.

    • kamio sumeragi says:

      In the end, it was for his friends😢. For Mikasa, Armin

    • nikothehero says:

      It was a useless anime. Been watching since episode one and have never been so disappointed after I invested years into it. Erin and Mikasa get the happy ending robbed from them, none of what happens matters since they invent nukes. All useless.

    • Tshepo Masite says:

      ​@nikotheherothank u brother I thought I was alone

    • Shadow6212 says:

      @nikothehero well i know what you mean, but this kind of ending was expected from an anime such as Attack on titan. It was always sad and painful. The nukes only show that human nature will always find a way to make a war with each other, not because of the titans.

    • nikothehero says:

      @Shadow6212 I agree. The point is nihilistic. But a truly happy.. Truly satisfying moment would be to just give us eren and Mikasa.. Something I had been looking for since I was a teenager….. But no…. In the hundreds of years shown in the anime we realize we just bomb each other.. So eff everything. It doesn’t matter? Lol? Eff the titans…. Eren sacrificed himself for nothing? Dam it, just give us eren and Mikasa if it’s all for sht anyway!

  6. OhaiiJessie says:

    I cried the entire episode. AOT is more than just an anime, it’s a story of love and tragedy. It’s a story of the human psyche and condition. Much like Sea Tatics stated, war never stops, it never changes. Eren knew this, but he also knew he had to do something to bring peace for a brief period for all he loved. AOT is a beautifully written story, a story that I have not seen in anime before or since. It’s been an honor watching this series with all of you, and it’s been an honor to watch these recap videos. See you later, Eren. ❤🕊️

  7. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 says:

    Even though AOT is over, this last episode hit me on a person level because our story isn’t over. We see what’s going on all over the world, in that sense it’s very relatable and the show left us with a really powerful message we should carry with us for at least our lifetimes.

    • Among us Gaming 836 says:

      Whats the message?

    • kamio sumeragi says:

      ​@Among us Gaming 836human always conflict sooner or after. Find your own meaning of life, live for yourself or for the others🤔🤔🤔

    • EMX says:

      as long as humans exist the cycle of hate will repeat itself as its human nature.

    • Cdntrooper says:

      That message has already been around probably since ancient times. Karl Marx, the father of communism is attributed to saying that. But I know for a fact those World War 1 veterans seeing us plunge into an even deadlier World War just 20 years later uttered the same words.

    • Jalen Coffie says:

      This series did really well at highlighting the complexities of life.

  8. SupportGaming 2023 says:

    All good things must come to an end. It was a pleasure watching this series with all of you(AOT fans)

  9. JustJeff says:

    I loved that they fixed the dialogue with Armin and Eren. Makes for a much better ending

  10. RinRee says:

    10 years of this astonishing anime. ❤ watched it when I was 13 and now I’m 23… it’s insane how many things have happened throughout these 10 years. Thank you AoT for being a part of my childhood ❤

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