Aubrey Plaza Monologue – SNL

Aubrey Plaza Monologue – SNL

First-time host Aubrey Plaza talks about growing up in Delaware and working at 30 Rock as a former NBC Page before giving a tour of the SNL’s studio 8H.

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43 Responses

  1. Mattlovesanime64 says:

    Amy Poehler showing up for Aubrey’s first time hosting SNL is such a Leslie Knope move and I love it.

  2. Goober says:

    The fact that Keenan has been on so long he’s able to tell the host “that’s because I ordered it in 2004” is absolutely mind-boggling.

  3. Rob C. says:

    I can’t believe Aubrey Plaza went from being Aubrey Plaza who hasn’t hosted SNL, to Aubrey Plaza who has hosted SNL in just 1 hour! Insane progress from such humble beginnings

    • Goofball Biscuits says:

      @Canais Young I feel like you made all of those names up :/

    • Ryan Jeanes says:


    • Pembroke Love says:

      @Canais Young okay Terry Sweeney’s secret account.

    • Canais Young says:

      More like “Aubrey Plaza who auditioned for SNL and got rejected” to “Aubrey Plaza who has hosted SNL and, just like Jim Carrey and Donald Glover, proved that she would have been great on the show, even if she was one of those SNL cast members who lasted a season and maybe had 3 or 4 good sketches, but was severely underused, like Luke Null, Noel Wells, John Milhiser, Terry Sweeney, Danitra Vance, Aristotle Athari, and Tim Robinson”

  4. G R says:

    Perfect monologue for her. Kinda weird, kinda quirky, a lot of fun.

  5. superpidge says:

    Just so happy for her, what a full circle moment

  6. speedtrls says:

    I am here for Aubrey Plaza’s continued success. She is SO talented!!! Congrats.

  7. costanzafaust says:

    That’s sweet to give a bunch of the other pages some screen time, and that was a pretty awesome walking monologue.

  8. Brenda Tomlinson says:

    I had high expectations for Aubrey’s monologue and she exceeded them! And seeing her with Amy again made my heart pitter patter with happiness.

  9. DerkuiDerkui says:

    This is the closest we’ll get to an actual Wednesday in real life.

  10. TheGodOfPez says:

    The SNL team uploading skits faster than CNN uploads news clips is damn impressive.

    • Bailey Badass says:

      Their both edited by the same goofs to lol

    • TheGodOfPez says:

      @Alpha Omega Neither are you in any facet of life. Is it your goal to post ignorant and unnecessary comments? You’re going to die alone. Very, very alone.

    • Alpha Omega says:

      Not even a little bit impressive

    • Spoons says:

      @aaron singer Literally the same thing.
      /skit/ : a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing, especially a parody.
      “a skit on daytime magazine programs”

    • TheGodOfPez says:

      @aaron singer Since you’re on the topic of correcting people, have some self worth and capitalize your own name. Also, punctuation marks make you look like you’re not an uneducated twit. *smooches*

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