from BROCKHAMPTON’S ‘the family’ – the final album, available nov 17th. listen to ‘big pussy’ here:

pre-order ‘the family’ limited edition box sets here:

Director: Alex Huggins / @nba_2k_face_scan
Director: Harrison Fishman / @harrisonfishman
Production Company: GUMMY Films / @gummyfilms
Producer: Rachel Walden / @rachelxwalden
Producer: Jordan Alexander / @jojorabbi
Line Producer: Brendan Brulon / @brendanbrulon


#thefamily #brockhampton #bigp

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44 Responses

  1. kv says:

    Can’t believe this whole time BH has just been Kevin doing a bunch of silly voices

  2. Grey says:

    I hope bearface, Matt, and Merlyn get lots of action in this album

  3. Johnny Montilla says:

    Rest in peace Brock Hampton… You were a great guy!

  4. Hudson Ross AKA Hoglinz says:

    Loved the part when they said “it’s brockin time” and Hamptoned all over the place

  5. Mx Dae says:

    That’s the thing about Brockhampton: you never know what you’re going to get with their next album or single, you never know their next move.

  6. sixtley redyo says:

    amo vivir en la misma época que BROCKHAMPTON

  7. Sergio Olave says:

    Brock’s verse was stunning

  8. Adonai says:

    Thank y’all for everything for fuckin real. Seriously. Don’t listen to the memer ass haters. Y’all changed the game with your vibes. You made so many years worth it. I’m actually tearing up writing this. Thank you thank you thank you. Forever.

  9. Daniel says:

    This song is genuinely great, I can’t lie. It’s fresh, in your face and explosive. I really like it and I can’t wait for the album.

  10. Nick Can't Sing says:

    Kevin absolutely murdered this, I’ve never heard him go this hard before. The production is next level, gritty and polished at the same time. Amazing

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