Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender

Boat Vs World’s Largest Blender

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26 Responses

  1. TechyTeacherIdeas says:

    Seeing a boat in a blender was not how I imagined my day today.

  2. BristolPKA says:

    Big props to your extention team, welders, engineers, editors, clean up, helpers, ect, you have such a awesome crew!! Great job everyone!

    • renal says:

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  3. Yonkage says:

    Golf balls are basically purpose-designed to transfer energy efficiently. They deform and then spring back without breaking, turning the impact of a golf swing into maximum distance. Which means except for a small amount of lost to air friction and heat, all the energy from those spinning blades is being transferred by the golf balls to the polycarbonate. It’s as if the blades, themselves, are hitting the walls of the blender.

  4. pesoen says:

    i think instead of more poly, you need thicker poly.. thicker sheets are harder to break, but still multiple layers is a good thing. maybe have the thickest layer on the outside as a final barrier, and use the thinner ones inside.

  5. Dave Stackpole says:

    Need an episode dedicated to the geniuses behind the scenes who help you make everything happen, editor Jack etc, introduce us to your full crew, they deserve it 😊 – greetings from Melbourne

  6. Nikki Ligature says:

    Love the blender! I would like to see a contest called “Identify the Remains” where you blend an item and then have someone guess what it was in the beginning.

  7. Louthinator says:

    Given its tendency to completely ignore inputs, the red colouring, the meanness of those teeth and its sheer destructive force, I submit that this blender should be named The Demon

    • Wilson Henley says:

      Hell’s main event

    • DarkFrozenDepths says:

      Well, given how the video went (spoilers), I can call these as Demon Slayers:

      The Boat and the Golf Balls

    • Louthinator says:

      @DarkFrozenDepths it took many items to slay the demon as it raged against the restraints of the emergency stop button, but eventually it was put to rest but the most unlikely of heroes, one of which many assumed would simply be destroyed by the foul demon, including editor jack who doubted its fortitude.

    • Cyber Sheppie says:

      Honestly take it one step further and call it Beelzebub, after the Archdemon of Gluttony. Because that thing will eat anything you toss into it

    • Louthinator says:

      @Cyber Sheppie you should watch to the end of the video because it seems there are some things even it can’t stomach.

  8. EpicATrain says:

    The problem is that your polycarb is not laminated. Use two sheets that are 3-4 times thicker and laminate the two pieces together if you guys are going to continue adding more crazier stuff. lol

  9. JXZ2 says:

    You guys deserve a museum dedicated to all your contraptions.

  10. Pyrilium1043 says:

    You should add a funnel to the base of the blender and make a contest where you take turns selecting items to blend for a set period of time and you score based on how much makes it out of the funnnel per item. Can be based on volume or weight.

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