Body found in Wyoming park near Gabby Petito search

Body found in Wyoming park near Gabby Petito search

The Teton County Coroner says authorities are responding to a body found at the Teton National Forest in Wyoming, the same general area where law enforcement have been searching for Gabby Petito.

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48 Responses

  1. Daisy Michele says:

    They need to find Brian, don’t let him kill himself, he needs to be held accountable along with his parents.

  2. Stafon Von Camron says:

    The fact that the parent’s didn’t report him running away should be an alert that they let him get away.

  3. Buff Scoot says:

    His car being there feels like a plant. Like Brian told his parents where he was dropping the car off and went opposite in the area. The more days pass the more it seems like he tried to off himself.

  4. Tamera Mares says:

    Letting go of that last glimmer of hope is so hard. Can’t stop crying, so if it hurts me this bad, I know her family is beyond devastated. Praying for her family to have some peace, strength, comfort and answers. God bless the family and friends.

  5. Sebastian Eastcoast says:

    It would not surprise me if the Carlton reserve is nothing more than a decoy.

    • Violet Carson says:

      @Saanstar Antolin I agree 💯

    • haylee ortiz says:

      Can we rewind when the parents said that they didn’t know where the son went? and now all the sudden he’s at a park? This is 100% a decoy. From the body cam evidence Gabby was so distraught she couldn’t even catch her breath. That poor innocent girl 🥺

    • A. Linn says:

      @haylee ortiz Yes. This family is a bunch of game-players, with the cops, and the world. No wonder Gabby was distraught and crying. Total head games, control games being played on her. I wonder where she was between Thurs. Aug. 12 and when she checked into the hotel in Salt Lake City.

    • Tay_Go_Dummyy says:

      @Ryan Peterson or dead he could’ve killed himself bc what he did

    • Briezee says:

      @Tay_Go_Dummyy as someone else said.. the fact that he took the time to flee.. means he might not be planning to off himself… only planning to hide for as long as he can …which hopefully won’t be long

  6. Stephen Elkins says:

    They only reported him missing so they wouldn’t get charged.

  7. Maya says:

    I can’t believe this I was hoping she was gonna be found safe this is just heartbreaking rest in paradise beautiful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  8. Karin Berryman says:

    Brian has just admitted his guilt by fleeing.

    • Xavier Young says:

      @Cucuy Dog so pleading the fifth saves him from incriminating himself…to me sounds foolish. Hes a suspect even if theirs no crime. Now hes in hiding like a coward and if hes found, his lawyer will plead the fith again.

    • Aqua Dude says:

      @Cucuy Dog it’s a sign of guilt = fact

    • Lady Joker says:

      Not true actually

    • Eye Wonder says:

      @Cucuy Dog so you would leave and not call for help? Is that what you are saying?

    • P K says:

      @Cucuy Dog The fact that he didn’t help with the search or providing any information is enough to account him guilty. Having some sort of emotional issues is no excuse for not helping when you’re the last person with the missing person. Every passing minute could mean life and death of the missing person. It’s mostly likely because he knew she was already dead.

  9. NYMOMMY110 says:

    He didn’t “ disappear”. He fled. His accomplice are his parents.

  10. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    Brian’s parents should be charged with aiding him in escaping.

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