Booker T hears of Bray Wyatt’s passing while LIVE On The Air

Booker T hears of Bray Wyatt’s passing while LIVE On The Air

Join Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time World Champion Booker and “The BOAT” Brad Gilmore for the most compelling and entertaining conversations about the world of sports entertainment and beyond. Join Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time World Champion Booker and “The BOAT” Brad Gilmore for the most compelling and entertaining conversations about the world of sports entertainment and beyond.

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30 Responses

  1. SteveC1994 says:

    Booker took it hard as we all should

  2. Highonlife24 says:

    I’ve been a wrestling fan for 11 years since the age of 12. Many wrestlers had died, since then. Though I was sad about all of them, the vast majority of them were either wrestlers that were famous before my time or wrestlers that I heard or seen videos of but didn’t really follow them like that. But Bray as well as Brodie, I grew up watching them, I remember the great matches that both men had in between WWE and AEW. And now that both of them are gone, I’m at a loss for words. I don’t think wrestling is gonna be the same for me, losing a legend of my era and so young. My condolence to the Rotunda Family, Jojo, his kids, and all those who knew him. RIP Bray, hope you reunited with your brother from another mother Brodie. We’ll miss you both.

    • Naz Gohin says:

      I feel the same. I pretty much grew up watching Bray since he was on the first season of NXT when I was around 13. Loved what he did with The Wyatt Family and followed him and Brodie wherever they went. My heart is broke since I woke up today… Bray Wyatt forever.

    • О.Ж. says:

      Same. No other wrestler passing hurt me as much.

    • Paul Carlin says:

      I felt that with the deaths of Brian Pillman and Eddie Guerrero. I grew up with them. Bray, Brian, and Eddie gone before 40. It is just sad. They will/are sadly missed. I hope they are having one hell of a huge Royal Rumble up in that sky.

    • House Dimitrescu says:

      I have the same feelings as you regarding Bray and Brodie. They’re the first wrestler deaths to actually hit me.

  3. EHOT2200 says:

    We all will be missing him a lot, he was a pure genius and a talented worker. Rest in Peace, my favorite wrestler of all time.

  4. Ganta Shiro says:

    Booker T’s reaction was painful but the same as for a lot of us. At first hearing the news it didn’t feel real like this can’t be real but once it sunk in that it’s real, felt nothing but pain 😢😢

    • Jack kheni says:

      and your reaction ??

    • MrWickHaHaBobayega says:

      I didn’t see the tweet from triple h I was scrolling down YouTube and I seen a post saying “ tragic news “ and under it showed a picture of Bray and I just closed my eyes for about 30 seconds 😔

  5. Samoan Obsidian says:

    It’s been half of the day since I read about his passing. And I am still regurgitating goosebumps all over my body. He became one of my all-time favorite superstars in dark character from day 1 since, Taker, Kane, and The Brood. It is very seldom the world would witness greatness and something special with an energy so deep it would exude and soak right through the screen and you can feel it. Windhum made me feel that way. Like I knew he was already my favorite. The Rock, and Steve Austin were kings of the Mike, but Bray Wyatt bought that low key Jake The Snake smooth talk with poetry that made him look like it’s walking words. Just his presence alone was deep. He was different, he was some kind of magic. I’m gonna miss the special talent he was. Prayers to his family in the loss of him. Thank you Windhum Rotunda for the magic. You will never be forgotten.

  6. Auset McChristion-Thomas says:

    I did not realize how much of an impact this man had on my life until he was gone. I used to watch True blood so when I first saw Bray Wyatt on WWE I was instantly drawn in to the way he could captivate an audience in so many ways. He had some of the best gimmicks since the Undertaker .
    I watched him go through 3 different characters during COVID and his storyline brought me back into wrestling. Especially when he wrestled John Cena and when he eventually became the Fiend character my son and I would tune in every week and watch him and Alexa Bliss do insanely brilliant promotions and cutting edge editing. I spent like $50 on his toy for my son and then had to buy 2 other ones because he changed his character 3 times so I ended up spending like $150 on his toys because my son wanted the Fiend so bad. Eventually he just disappeared off wrestling like how most wrestlers do but I had no idea that he was as sick as he was. I didn’t even realize that both my son and I had stopped watching wrestling again when he went on vacation. He left behind a wife and kid at such a young age of 36. It’s crazy how we live in a time where things are moving so fast and there is so much talent that we don’t truly appreciate how talented some people are and their art and what they bring to the world until it is too late. 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Trend Massacre says:

    2 legendary wrestlers in 2 days, this is nuts. RIP Bray and Terry.

  8. mshat18 says:

    Bray was the closest to a modern undertaker that we had. A legend and in my opinion a HOFer. He had a genius mind. This one hits hard.

    • omel lemmor says:

      RIP to Bray, but please, he is not on the “modern” Undertaker, just because he wears a Halloween mask

    • Marcus Medina says:

      Guy was a one of a kind wrestler. Definitely you’re high on face paint if anyone compares Bray to Undertaker or Eddie. They all had a different work ethic, but don’t compare Bray to anybody. Condolences to his family and closest friends though!

    • Gekko says:

      ​@omel lemmorthere was literally a segment on smackdown recently where taker essentially passed the torch to wyatt

      he may not have been the modern undertaker, but he was certainly going to be by the end of his career

    • mshat18 says:

      First off i said closest thing to the Undertaker and second it was the Undertaker himself who passed on his legacy to Bray. Do you not watch wrestling?

    • Invi says:

      @mshat18 yes, that was on RAW XXX. I was waiting for his return soo much and these news hits me like a truck.. RIP Wyatt, one of the greatest characters and wrestlers nowadays

  9. stephen greenhorn says:

    This news hit so hard. It obviously has with everyone. Nobody had a bad word to say about Windham because he was a genuinely kind and warm human being. He was only 36 years old 😢. RIP WINDHAM ROTUNDA AKA BRAY WYATT. Thanks for the memories.

  10. Fire Angel Luffo says:

    Finding out live he passed when you personally know him is tough.

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