BTS Reveals That Lizzo Has A Crush On Two Members

BTS Reveals That Lizzo Has A Crush On Two Members

Lizzo has a thing for BTS. The K-Pop group chatted with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall at the 2021 American Music Awards and revealed Lizzo confessed to them in-person that she has a crush on two members of the group. They also revealed what it is like to be back on the AMA stage for the first time in two years.

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  1. Taemeover says:

    bts are now officially the first asian artists in the AMAs history to win the ‘artist of the year’ award. i’m gonna cry. Thanks to everyone who voted 😭🙏🏽

  2. nina says:

    What are they feeding Taehyung?? 
    He’s looking more handsome than before.

  3. Hobi's Sprite says:

    I love how free they are in this interview! This could never happen back home!! 💜

    • Hobi's Sprite says:

      @Taehyung my bias Could you imagine if they danced, drank alcohol and took pictures with a female idol in Korea then gave this interview?!?! 😳💀

    • Just Call Me Mack says:

      Exactly and even how comfortable they were answering the questions about Lizzo and a love connection in Korea they always avoid those types of questions but they looked so happy and unburdened

    • TKHutson says:

      @Hobi’s Sprite You have helped me to understand why they love to come here to the States, so much. I didn’t know that there are so many cultural things (restrictions) that they have to navigate when they are at home. Thank you for explaining.

    • Hobi's Sprite says:

      @TKHutson Honestly it’s toxic that grown men have to make delusional people they never met think they have been single for the past 10 years. What if beliebers never allowed Justin to date? Or the beehive never allowing Beyonce to date? That’s crazy for western fans to think about.

    • Hobi's Sprite says:

      @Just Call Me Mack Over the past 2 years we learned that life is short. In Jungkook’s speech I hope “new chapter” and “focus on every moment” means enjoying life like everyone else gets to do. Public dating, traveling more, enjoying more private life, taking breaks etc. They deserve it! 💜

      It’s unconventional for kpop idols to publicly date, but it’s also unconventional for kpop idols to be nominated for a Grammy. I know it’s cultural and I’m not saying everyone has to be like us (🇺🇸) but I do think some change it good.

  4. Harshita says:

    Literally nobody:
    Interviewer asking if she should give Taylor’s scarf back or not 😂

  5. AC says:

    The fact that they still are so humble. Everytime they win an award, same excitement and amazement, they never take it for granted, we stan KINGS!! 💜😭

  6. nhdbear says:

    “she’ll understand, i mean she has a million scarves maybe”
    joon you savage lmao

  7. AllBlu says:

    This was such a fun, cute interview – playful, but not treating them like they are a bit slow like lots of interviewers do in the west. Seven beautiful men being interviewed by a stunning woman, but thee was nothing cringey at all – good stuff 💜💜
    And they won, all three awards they were nominated for, plus their performances were outstanding – and their acceptance speeches were so sweet and spontaneous yet still professional – I am so proud of them.

    • Karla Marie says:

      this wasn’t a really good interview. for one, she didn’t know that Megan wasn’t performing with them anymore and also the taylor swift part???? how was that relevant to them, it seemed like a waste of time where she could ask them another question that is actually bts related.

    • Diana says:

      @Karla Marie at least she didn’t ask what they eat there as if people in south korea need to go US to eat american food.

  8. aunticarol2 says:

    “do we maybe have a love connection coming with lizzo?”
    tae: yeah
    jimin: *silent*
    ahahaha ii cant with tae, how casually he said yeah 😂😂

  9. Jiminz toe jam says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Tae’s lip bite and Jimin staring straight into the camera??? 😍😭

  10. KSB says:

    I love how Tae says “yeah” to everything whether he understands it or not, literally cracks me up, everything these guys do or say cracks me up though, they are just so genuine, real, down to earth, respectful, hilarious, seriously the best ever!!😂🥰❤️

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