Can This Iron Chef Turn Panda Express Gourmet?

Can This Iron Chef Turn Panda Express Gourmet?

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Hopefully Uncle Roger can eat at Chef Susur Lee restaurant one day
Original weejio:

Uncle Roger’s favorite noodles and dumplings (US only):

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Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

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36 Responses

  1. WH00ZAH says:

    Making gourmet meal is one thing but turning crappy food into gourmet meal is another cool skill. Chef Lee is one of the greatest chef out there.

  2. JoshyyCute says:

    That man is one of the best chefs I’ve ever watched. I hope he gets an UNCLE title

  3. Eddie Vergara says:

    Uncle Roger making a comment about exorcism on Panda Express and comparing Panda Express as a demon to authentic Chinese Food is priceless. 😂

  4. YanDaMan263 says:

    I’ve watched a lot of his and his son’s videos. That man is legit one of the best chefs I’ve seen. Definitely deserves the uncle title 100%.

  5. Nihil Nothings says:

    I’m surprised that it took this long for Uncle Roger to have a crossover with Chef Susur Lee considering that he’s a pretty viral sensation in the cooking YT scene.

  6. Charlotte : Single again ♥ says:

    No one underestimates an Iron Chef, what they show the audience is just 5% of their skills

  7. dani says:


  8. dasaini says:

    I usually don’t like Panda Express, but I ate it at an airport in Mexico and it was surprisingly amazing

  9. ZELV says:

    Jet and his iron chef dad making it to the big scene makes me happy.

  10. evildrgo says:

    I’ve eaten at his restaurant and my buddy also had Susur cater his wedding. his food is not hype, it’s amazing.

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