CFP National Championship: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Alabama Crimson Tide | Full Game Highlights

CFP National Championship: Georgia Bulldogs vs. Alabama Crimson Tide | Full Game Highlights

The Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide, 33-18 in the CFP National Championship. Stetson Bennett threw for 224 YDS & 2 TD’s with Brock Bowers being on the receiving end for one of those TD’s for the Bulldogs in their win. Bryce Young threw for 369 YDS, 1 TD & 2 INT’s for the Crimson Tide in their loss.

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37 Responses

  1. __ says:

    Georgia’s defense is special. They deserved to win the CFP Natty

  2. John Anthony says:

    I love the intensity of college football. The feeling you get from the fans and players is unlike anything else. Congratulations Georgia.

    • Jialing Wang says:

      @John Normally only in SEC games.

    • Tyus Brooks says:

      @J Black Just doesn’t have the same feel as college games. These players are pursuing their dreams and leaving it all out on the field. Nfl players have alread6 reached the top and don’t really have much else to strive for. Plus many of the fans went to the colleges which gives a connection. Not many nfl fans have any real connection to a team besides seeing them on TV.

    • Sumthintuf says:

      @Obi-want Pastrami yea must be fun watching the same 3-4 teams win every year in college football lol I swear it’s been Alabama and Clemson for the past 8-10 years

    • TyBeTroLLing says:

      The intensity I’d s double edge sword..great ENTERTAINMENT for fans.. while also the long them effects of football including shorter life span

    • Keith Hoffman says:

      @J Black who cares???

  3. Robert King says:

    Well deserved National Title for Georgia. Great all year long

  4. Ethan Aday says:

    Enjoy this Georgia, it’s well deserved on how this team became successful.
    Nearly everyone was rooting for the Bulldogs.
    Well done

    • Mark Davis says:

      I was also glad to see Georgia win. But it’s mainly because we’re all so sick of seeing ‘bama win so much. So congrats to the Tide also – it’s an impressive achievement to be that disliked.

  5. Tony Intravia says:

    I’m 30 and grew up in the 90s with the pain of being a uga fan, right with my Dad. He always told me he was cursed and couldn’t watch the games because he felt he made them lose. He swore he would never see them pull a natty. He passed away early 2021, and watching this team all year I just knew it was their time to win it all. I would trade it all to have my dad back, but I’m sure he wouldn’t. He loved the dawgs and I’m sure he is celebrating somewhere

  6. DamnMyEyes says:

    Watching Alabama lose in the Natty is like watching the Death Star blow up at the end of Star Wars. Such a feel good moment.

  7. Scot Wheeler says:

    Congratulations Georgia! Glad to see a team take down Bama. Go Dawgs!

  8. Les Davis says:

    That Georgia defense was amazing!!! Well deserved for sure.

  9. Carley Tucker says:

    I can’t even EXPLAIN how AMAZING this freakin’ game was. That interception and touchdown the dawgs did, was absolutely phenomenal! GO DAWGS!

    • Mark Davis says:

      I couldn’t help noticing that a Georgia assistant actually jumped about a yard into the field immediately after the interception (with the play still live). He quickly got back and it didn’t matter. But that’s pretty stupid, considering the situation. Anyway yeah, what a game! We deserved a great game after sitting through two awful semifinals, lol.

    • McMugenz77 says:

      Best way to win a game

    • Adi Smajlovic says:

      Great game but the first half not so much but overall turned out to be a classic most definitely

  10. Jerrod Mikell says:

    This was the best game that I’ve seen in the last 15 years. True definition of “Defense wins games!” Both teams played their hearts out. Let’s go Dawgs, proud Georgia Boy.

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