Child who climbed out window for help leads to arrest of ‘8 Passengers’ mother

Child who climbed out window for help leads to arrest of ‘8 Passengers’ mother

After a Youtube star was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse, new information details that a child climbed out of a window to get help, which led to the discovery of abuse.


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44 Responses

  1. Coll 44 says:

    I’ll never understand how anyone can think a child is lying about abuse

    • Cynthia Gonzalez says:

      It’s more common than you think.
      The parent presents to others as friendly and pleasant. Jekyll and Hyde personality. Personal experience. And usually the abuse is centered on one child, not the others…

    • Natalie Campbell says:

      Because their abusers themselves or are complicit with abuse. Their are people who condone abuse and won’t get involved. Sadistic

    • zammmerjammer says:

      A lot of times abused children have behaviour problems. So they’ve been viewed by everyone as “difficult” or “bratty” and maybe even have got into the habit of lying or stealing. So everyone around them is already primed to see them as the problem, instead of recognizing that their bad behaviour is coming from somewhere.

  2. ☠️1ofCornPopsBigBadB****ez⚔️ says:

    Police and CPS didn’t step up and save the children. The child had to step up and save his sibling by escaping and getting help.

  3. M.R.B says:

    “For years” they were begging CPS to investigate?? That’s a failure of the system

    • PALI PALI says:

      Mormon controlled services do not take kids away from other Mormons, especially popular ones.

    • M.R.B says:

      @PALI PALI then they are also culpable and I hope those kids can sue them for negligence

    • Dee Wilson says:

      My oldest daughter finally had her children taken away because my grandson, (14) who I brought over asked to call cps. I cannot begin to tell you how many times cps was called and my daughter would cry and they always felt bad for her. Unfortunately she had 8 children, my grandson being the oldest, that were removed and given to me. 8. Does anyone have any idea how to take care of 8 grandchildren on a pension? Although I am dirt poor now, it was well worth taking them in. All are happy and doing well and my grandson who is now 22 has his own apartment and works as a relationship manager at Chase bank. I am in NY. 🤷‍♀️

    • Lola L says:

      ​@Dee WilsonI am surprised that they didn’t put children in foster homes. They do that in Finland

  4. Justina _ says:

    This is not the first YT family channel where children have been exploited.
    Children on YouTube deserve the same rights as child actors. YouTube must stop parents from profiting off of their children. Aside from this kind of abuse, no one wants every single awkward part of their childhood recorded and on the internet for life. It’s not fair and causing so many issues, some we might not even be aware of today.

    • Sabine says:




    • JC94🪶 says:

      This !

    • Penny pink says:

      I agree. YouTube need to stop this and these videos of animals being abused to make money. It’s disgusting.

    • Ciera’s Official Vlogging says:

      There’s a difference exploiting your children on social media for views and money, vs abusing them off camera and not filming. This is just so sad 😭 I knew all along that Ruby wasn’t right in the head, but I thought it was an “act” for money… turns out, she was abusive all along. I’ve heard and watched videos and thought how fked up it all was, but it’s the fact it happened off camera. And the fact they’ve tried getting CPS involved for years and nothing was done until now? What’s wrong with people? Why does the system wait until it’s too late? The system is literally all wrong and it’s sad. Every time I hear about a child abuse case where it was almost too late, I think of Gabriel Fernandez. Of course his case was way worse, but it’s the fact CPS (and police officers), waited so long to arrest Ruby. They could’ve failed these poor children. I’m SOOO glad Ruby was caught. And I really hope the children are okay. I hope that (if they go into the system), they won’t split them up. They need each other more than ever right now. I hope that Kevin will take them (because he and Ruby split up). I pray for these kids. And I wanna congratulate Russel for being the hero! I know it wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad he was the one who escaped by climbing out of the window to get him and his sisters help. Russel, if you everrrr see this comment, just know you’re worth it, and your sisters will forever be grateful for what you did. You didn’t only save yourself, but you saved them and that’ll stick with them forever. I’ll pray for you all❤️🙏🏽

  5. Kelly’s Homemade Kitchen says:

    How can someone be more concerned about their status on YouTube than FEEDING THEIR OWN CHILDREN???

  6. Mina says:

    May all abused and neglected children find the strength and courage to escape monsters like this!

  7. Us says:

    A child has to practically try their own abuse case in a court of law before authorities intervene.

    • Dot Matrix says:

      And often the child doesn’t understand to answer the question in ” legalese” and the accused is found not guilty.
      Happened to me in the 4th grade.
      We had a molester on the school grounds. One day, there he was, his hands were busy in front of his pants watching the girls.
      He got caught after a few months.
      We went to trial.
      I was a witness
      Did i see the mans genitalia?
      Well, his hands were in front of his pants, so no.
      Case dismissed.

      That was 50+ years ago
      I have had guilt my entire life. I should have lied and said yes !
      I dont know how many young girls were harmed by this monster. And i could have stopped him !
      May G.d forgive me.

    • WeltonvilleGal says:

      @Dot Matrix- I forgive you. Who really listened to us kids 50 years ago?

    • mvpfocus says:

      It’s not your fault, and wasn’t your obligation to make up a story that sounded worse than the truth. Some bad people will always be protected by a complicit society.

  8. Michelle Ruiz says:

    People have been reporting her for years! I’m glad she’s finally behind bars

  9. sjwilson1079 says:

    As a father of two I don’t get what would possess a parent to do this. For everyone out there considering having kids realize a parent is a multi pronged job. You are a teacher, protector, provider, friend, and counselor. You are also supposed to be the emotional rock for kids to climb on and cling to when they are upset. You are a first responder when they are hurt and their whole world in a nutshell. They are not your whipping post, meal ticket, or get out of jail free card. These people should be ashamed of what they have done

  10. nadt says:

    Why are we wasting our tax payers money on an absolutely useless entity. Get rid of CPS and start anew, with people who care. This is disgusting. I hope these kids sue them out of business.

    • Marilene Jonez says:

      Yes, I agree👍👍

    • Blake Kaveny says:

      That’s part of the issue. CPS is underfunded and overworked.

    • Its_its says:

      If you’re curious, (depends on area) most of the funding comes from the COUNTY. So if you have a county which doesn’t want to tax people and can’t/doesn’t allocate any tax dollars to CPS then… yea. Sadly I can’t find data for Utah though.

      Edit: Since 2008 Utah has decreased Child Welfare services by 16% even though population keeps rising.

    • Nat says:

      ⁠@Blake Kaveny idk, I see a pattern of them either taking away children unnecessarily or putting families through family court using time and resources when they don’t need to. And then on actual abuse and neglect, it seems they leave them in those situations since those are people they can re visit over the years in the long run.

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