Cody Ko Takes Over the Button | Cut

Cody Ko Takes Over the Button | Cut

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Cody Ko Takes Over the Button | Cut

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28 Responses

  1. Cut says:

    Use this comment as an “I <3 Cody” button 👋🖲️

  2. Jakerton says:

    I’ve never seen Cody evil laugh so much in a video, this was a massive W.

  3. Ab says:

    the PURE joy on cody’s face makes me know this was so worth it for him

  4. Nonny says:

    I don’t think Cody has ever enjoyed doing a collab as much as he has in this video. You can just see him having a blast. Also, this is my favorite button video ever.

  5. Katie Nelson says:

    best days of cody’s life:
    – birth of his future child
    – his wedding
    – voicing the button

  6. D Darko says:

    This was ridiculously fun, I want Cody to host every button show now 😅

  7. Popuri says:

    I love how even the participants were laughing at Cody’s comments as the button. Such a great episode!

  8. Jorden Tually says:

    The most iconic Cody Ko collab

  9. Charles Arnette says:

    We DEMAND a sequel. This was the BEST version of the button yet

  10. Amanda Beraho says:

    Cody actually makes the perfect button 😭 so cool that he could finally interact with the people live instead of screaming at the screen and doing exaggerated impressions

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