Dianna Health Update from SmarterEveryDay

Dianna Health Update from SmarterEveryDay

Hosting this video is Destin from SmarterEveryDay giving you a health update on Dianna Cowern. Destin and Dianna have been friends for many years, and recently Destin was able to make a trip out to visit Dianna while she is ill. He shares his story here.

Detailed written health update from Kyle – https://www.patreon.com/posts/94956611

Support Dianna during her recovery at –
PATREON (monthly) – https://patreon.com/physicsgirl?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=join_link
GOFUNDME (one time) – https://www.gofundme.com/f/medical-bills-for-dianna-cowern

Check out Destin’s channel SmarterEveryDay – YouTube.com/smartereveryday

Host: Destin Sandlin
Editor: Levi Butner

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29 Responses

  1. @smartereveryday says:

    I was so encouraged by Kyle and Dianna’s love for one another. Please consider supporting them during this tough time at: https://www.patreon.com/physicsgirl

  2. @vlogbrothers says:

    I am just so, so grateful to Destin and Diana and Kyle for this video.

  3. @allengeringer574 says:

    The part where she needed to take a break from talking…man, you don’t know how real that is unless you’ve been there. I went through a period of nearly 15 years of excruciating pain. I lost everything and my parents were caring for me. There wasn’t a single thing I could do by myself, yet my body and my mind were working in overdrive harder than they ever had. My parents were my biggest blessing and they showed me an example of true love that I could have never envisioned. Eventually, I got better and at the age of 40, I went back to college to get my Mechanical Engineering degree. Yesterday, I found out that I was accepted into the Upper Division and in two more years, I will have my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. Hang in there Diana, take the first downs when you can and keep driving. And for Kyle, what a true warrior. He’s going through it too and needs as much support. Let’s help this wonderful couple out so they can focus on what they need to do.

  4. @Rasty1989 says:

    Get better Dianna! We’re all with you!

  5. @j.k.rector9818 says:

    Kyle is a truly amazing spouse – he obviously loves Dianna unconditionally. What an example for us all to emulate ❤

  6. @devinhedge says:

    I have Long Covid, the ME/CFS kind. I’ve been following Diana’s challenges and I’ve been praying for her. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this update. My heart goes out to Kyle, too.

  7. @DataLal says:

    I can’t contribute via Patreon due to financial issues of my own, but I can give this little bit to show my appreciation for you as a person, Diana, nevermind your content. Love you!

  8. @llydrsn says:

    It’s not nearly enough to show my gratitude for the countless hours of fun and knowledge I got from this channel. The old videos still holds up well, so feel no pressure in putting up new ones. Get better soon, we’ll still be here when the time is right. Thanks

  9. @EelkodeVos says:

    She’s such a smart woman and she still needs confirmation that we support her through Patreon not for her videos but for her health. Kyle, please let her know this is the first time I’ve ever doubted her faculties! #LOL

  10. @santacruzrc says:

    Dianna came to a talk I gave at a an APS conference several years ago during my PhD and seeing her in the audience gave me the confidence to do my best. Feel better! I know you’ve got this.

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