Did I Get A “Shut Up Ring”?

Did I Get A “Shut Up Ring”?

Surprise!!! I’m so excited to share the news of my engagement with you guys! On the topic of engagements, have y’all heard of “shut up rings”?

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23 Responses

  1. Ali Koca says:

    This is the happiest I have ever seen Brett, I’m really happy for her.

  2. Madison Martin says:

    The fact that she’s glowing when talking about her engagement, makes me so happy to see her happy

  3. Nyssa Owens says:

    Brett talking about “loving him feels like coming home” just made me 😭😭😭 because I totally get that! My husband and I grew up close to each other but never met until moving to another state in high school. Loving him definitely felt like coming home.

  4. kcarter02 says:

    I love that I had no idea she was in a relationship at all. Makes it seem like it’s way more real and healthy. Congrats Brett! ❤

  5. Mario A'me says:

    “loving him feels like coming home” thats one of the sweetest and most genuine things ive heard someone say about their partner in a while <3

  6. William Thompson says:

    Marriage is awesome, especially when the kids start arriving and it transitions to family. Congrats from Australia!

    • AliDarkAngel says:

      I like that phrasing lol when they start “arriving”. Man I WISH it was that easy

    • Kaleigh C says:

      Can confirm! I was a foolish Millennial and waited 9 whole years after marriage to have kids. Little did I realize what a waste that time was and how much kids add to your life.

    • ChelsiEartHome says:

      Congratulations 🎉 so happy for you! Many blessings to you and your fiance ❤ you deserve the best!

  7. i v y says:

    ok i’m not surprised, she’s literally wonderful

  8. Amy Smith says:

    “Loving him feels like coming home” 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Oh the feels, that’s so awesome. Congratulations, Brett!!

  9. Carissa Barrett says:

    Congratulations!! Marrying the person you love and building a life with them is truly one of the most fulfilling things in life.

  10. Polly Pocket says:

    She can’t stop smiling and I can’t either! Happy for you girl! ❤

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