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Most music is library music with that 80’s vibe we seem to be hearing around right now but….

The track at 8,40 is a song called “Masquerade” by “Socks in Bed”

And the song at 14.14 Is “Get Away” by “Rock Cake”

In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewers.

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37 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    All hand digging now complete as down to the bunker will be done from above and so will the car port, thank you all so much for supporting this project. Its not totally finished but feels like a milestone for sure. Get your Tunnel prints here, there nice n cheap in this expensive time.https://www.colinfurzeshop.com

    • Palerider1942 says:

      For the DMC lift, how about one that rotates as it goes up/down, similar to this /watch?v=gBtxgrYiJi4 . I know i have seen it on TV or film somewhere, maybe Bond or Batman but i cant find the actual one.

    • Dsauci says:

      My architecture firm (in the US) recently had a client who also wanted to put their car in an underground garage. We did a couple months worth of research, and if you want it to spin, that’s going to have to be a custom engineered job. Otherwise, there are a lot of companies that will do a scissor lift, x-frame lift or piston lift to achieve your goal.
      Loved this series of videos and cant wait to see the next phases.

    • The Bored Duckling says:

      What does all the colors look like? Can only see the red and green poster?

    • Graham says:

      What about a double decker car port??

    • Robin Altoft says:

      For the car lift, you should modify a 4-post car lift and mount it on a big custom turn table base. They are run off of hydraulics, so you can tie it in with the rest of the hydraulic stuff.

  2. Elliot Andersen says:

    Colin is the epitome of a child who never grew up but has all the means to live out dreams.

    And we love that.

    • LyapunovNchill says:

      This hits the nail on the head

    • Grumpy One says:

      @leighton westbury But he didn’t have it on. He was in a T-shirt. Seriously though, I’m a steel fabricator and I regularly need to pull these wires out of my clothing. They can go clean through a T-shirt into your skin. You don’t get a second chance with your eyes.

    • leighton westbury says:

      @Grumpy One it’s ok he wears a safety tie

    • leighton westbury says:

      Heart, motivation and dreams of a child……… technical ability, motivation and problem solving skills of an adult

    • John Xina says:

      I think so many of us watch because we’d rather be building forts and tunnels all day compared to our jobs filling in Excel spreadsheets.

  3. Lizlodude says:

    It’s impressive that Colin’s neighbor is somehow more chaotic than Colin
    I still can’t get over the image of the cement mixer rolling up and Colin just being like “yep pour it down the hole in the ground don’t ask questions”

  4. Evander says:

    Colin does not get the recognition he deserves, he is literally the epitimy of what we all know as an inventor. Absolutely crack pot ideas, but makes them work. Absolute top bloke 👏

  5. Fly says:

    I’d look into those companies that make the rotating garage mechanisms for parking structures in Japan. I’m sure at the very least it’ll give you some helpful ideas on how to plan out your system. Can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  6. Leo Vin says:

    With how prepared this man is for the apocalypse I’m starting to think he knows something that we don’t

    • Minitruck Marauder says:

      @Theo honestly bro. We’ve thought it was gonna happen since we were born lmao nuclear war has always been the biggest threat and we jus kinda vibe w it 😂

    • Theo says:

      @KC8ONR-Dan Yeah just sabre rattling with nukes for the billionth time. After a while it stops being scary

    • KC8ONR-Dan says:

      Putin is one temper tantrum away from pushing the red button so theres that.

    • Fabian Bene says:

      Man ive been thinking this for the past few videos, hes getting ready for something and gives us instructions for some reason.

  7. Love Birds says:

    Part 14 – connecting to Freddies house
    Part 23 – connecting to the corner shop from part 5
    Part 34 – connecting to the nearest supermarket then
    Part 56-583 – connecting to the English tunnel

  8. Trevor Brackenridge says:

    Colin’s videos are of a different breed. I’ve been watching for years and his attention to detail, craftsmanship, and just how projects turn out in the end is crazy. The tunnel series is jaw-dropping. I can’t wait to see the underground carport he’s talking about

    • fasfan says:

      Exactly. He seems so chaotic and makes it seem like he’s making it all up as he goes when obviously there has to be a plan somewhere.

  9. Adam Yaffe says:

    Colin, I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say… thank you. Thank you for making the tunnel. Thank you for showing us all how you’ve done it. Thank you for explaining everything so easily. And thank you for entertaining us along the way. I have enjoyed every minute and have been so excited each time a new episode came along. You are part of what makes YouTube so great. Thank you and good luck with the next exciting please! I hope one day I can visit your exciting tunnel! 😊

  10. Haugen Racing says:

    This series is amazing dude

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