Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red (Official Video)

Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red (Official Video)

Doja Cat // Paint The Town Red // Get It Here //

Directors: Doja Cat and Nina McNeely
Based on Paintings by Doja Cat
Production Company: Freenjoy
Produced by Nathan Scherrer, Fabien Colas, Malcolm Duncan
Label Producer: Sam Houston
DP: Tehillah De Castro
PD: Nu California
Styling/Creative Director: Brett Alan Nelson
SFX Make Up: Malina Stearns
Make Up: Ernesto Casillas
Hair: JStayReady
Nails: Saccia Trinice
1st AD: Robert Thoren
PM: Andres White 
Gaffer: Eddie Reid
Key Grip: Kyle Pugsley 
Casting Director: Sarah May Levy
Edit: Mah Ferraz @ Cut and Run
VFX: SuperContinent
Color: Dante Pasquinelli @ Ethos Studio 
Beauty: Sunset Edit 
Grim Reaper: Jhan Mena
Blue Horned Father: Donna Brian

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36 Responses

  1. I have a Kirby obessesion says:


  2. Brandon Smith says:

    Doja just naturally transitions from one era to the next without following the trend and staying authentic to her artistry. No side kicks

  3. Subby says:


  4. Josue ortega says:

    She really took her creativity and shoved it into everyone’s faces weather they liked it or not and that itself… is a BOSS ASS MOVE, you gotta love her for her talent!!

  5. Geneé says:

    If we’re being honest, Doja is never disappointing. Her execution is everything.

  6. Foshio1 * says:

    I’m never gonna stop supporting her I’m sorry. She’s such a talent and if she falls off it would honestly be a shame for female rap cuz she’s such a powerhouse with limitless potential

  7. Jessica Stevens says:

    What Doja has in her brain is just….wow. And bringing it to life is so interesting to see. I’m very much here for the art she creates


      You know she doesn’t care about u as a fan

    • J says:

      @ACEBOYDIABETES Doja was addressing stan accounts. We’re still allowed to appreciate her artistry regardless of what she thinks. Chris Brown also released a new song tonight, are you over there harassing his fans because of all of his allegations? No, probably not. Get a life troll instead of commenting the same thing under every post.

  8. Velvet Chaos says:

    Y’all can hate her if you want. But the art in this video speaks for itself. Doja’s mind is so beautiful and her concepts are just so powerful. Thank you for this Doja. ❤

  9. Any Nyaaa says:


  10. gigi renee says:

    I love how she takes what y’all say about her and makes art into it. This is a real artist with real talent and the ability to not let people who don’t understand her make her feel less than. I know people wish they could be as open and unapologetic as her. Free to say and think what she wants. I pray that people get the chance to live authentically and not have to spread misery and hate to the next person.

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