Drake releases his long anticipated CERTIFIED LOVER BOY for the world to see & it’s 21 tracks of pure…Drake.

1. Champagne Poetry
2. Papi’s Home
3. Girls Want Girls ft. Lil Baby
4. In The Bible ft. Lil Durk & Giveon
5. Love All ft. Jay-Z
6. Fair Trade ft. Travis Scott
7. Way 2 Sexy ft. Future & Young Thug
8. TSU
9. N 2 Deep ft. Future
10. Pipe Down
11. Yebba’s Heartbreak
12. No Friends In The Industry
13. Knife Talk ft. 21 Savage & Project Pat
14. 7am On Bridle Path
15. Race My Mind
16. Fountains ft. Tems
17. Get Along Better ft. Ty Dolla $ign
18. You Only Live Twice ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne
19. IMY2 ft. Kid Cudi
20. F**king Fans
21. The Remorse

Best Tracks – Champagne Story/Yebbas Heartbreak/No Friends In The Industry/Pipe Down/7am On Bridle Path/Fair Trade/In The Bible/Fountains/Get Along Better

Worst Tracks – N 2 Deep/Way 2 Sexy

Thanks for watching & have a great day!

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57 Responses

  1. Zeuz Makes Music says:

    I still can’t get over that cover

  2. chanel says:

    2:14 – Champagne Poetry
    3:33 – Papi’s Home
    4:37 – Girls Want Girls ft. Lil Baby
    5:57 – In The Bible ft. Lil Durk & Giveon
    8:22 – Love All ft. Jay-Z
    9:41 – Fair Trade ft. Travis $cott ($ trav vibes)
    12:17 – Way 2 Sexy ft. Future & Young Thug
    13:20 – TSU
    15:14 – N 2 Deep ft. Future
    16:28 – Pipe Down
    18:13 – Yebba’s Heartbreak ft. Yebba
    19:06 – No Friends In The Industry
    22:46 – Knife Talk ft. 21 Savage & Project Pat
    24:06 – 7am On Bridle Path
    25:12 – Race My Mind
    26:15 – Fountains ft. Tems
    27:04 – Get Along Better ft. Ty Dolla $ign
    28:56 – You Only Live Twice ft. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
    29:37 – IMY2 ft. Kid Cudi
    30:01 – Fucking Fans
    31:20 – The Remorse

    I got y’all mfs

  3. AkashLegoProductions says:

    Only here to see how he reacts to the travis feature

    Update: i see it was so heat that even shawn had nothin bad to say 😂

  4. Jelle says:

    I feel like Kanye always takes mad risks and makes bold choices on his albums, where Drake always plays it safe. I always appreciate it when artists show confidence and boldness.

    • Hunter B says:

      @Eazy 93lol you sound like the 12 year old? CLB is a cool album but it certainly doesn’t shit on a Kanye album come on now.

    • Hunter B says:

      @Ricardo Sezões drakes got a cover art by Damien hurst lol he tryna be Kanye, too bad Damien actually makes the kind of art you are describing

      A lot of Kanye fans are cringe tho you don’t gotta tell everyone your artistic interpretation of a black square lmaoo

    • Hypno_BPM says:

      @LaurenzewithaZ you just said Donda and CLB are better than Dark Twisted Fantasy ?????

    • Pop Da so says:

      I will never understand how everybody clowns logic but drake gets a free pass. They are the exact same typa corny. Sorry not sorry.

    • Aditya Baruah says:

      If you’re anything more than a surface level music listener… Yk donda is pretty good. Idk bout this generic drake shit (a drake fan)

  5. Obsidian says:

    This is a Drake album and that is a compliment and a criticism. He refuses to leave his comfort zone. He will never make a “bad” album but that is my problem with Drake. There is zero risk. I’ll give it a few more spins but I can’t see myself going back to this after that.

  6. G Dunne says:

    Drake should have made this an EP and kept the 6/7 songs that are decent on it and binned the rest. Feel like CLB had no real concept here on a 21 song album an EP would’ve been perfect and could pick 6/7 that fit the concept better. Drake could still sell 500k for an EP lol

    • Hypno_BPM says:

      @exhale this is such bullshit. i been a fan of drake since Best I Ever Had but he sounds bored on Scorpion and CLB. even the beats are getting whack which was one thing i always loved about drakes albums. I miss the 40 beats, that cold toronto sound.

    • Hypno_BPM says:

      @Dennis Reynolds CLB sounds NOTHING like If you’re reading or NWTS. wtf is wrong with you clowns.

    • Dennis Reynolds says:

      @Hypno_BPM I said it reminds me of them. Not an exact copy of their sounds

    • Hypno_BPM says:

      @Dennis Reynolds you said the vibes of the albums which to me is the sound/mood of it. you didn’t say it reminded you of that era.

    • DropxTop ZuWop says:

      @Adam Festus its boring

  7. Xavier Vachon says:

    I feel like this album suffers from OVER marketing, and i’ll say it, since its coming of the heels of its release and bc of their beef CLB will undoubtedly be compared to DONDA. And while I love some songs off this album (TSU, Fair Trade, No Friends in the Industry) none really hit the highs of songs like Hurricane, Moon, or even Off the Grid. It’s possible listening to this album at 1:20 am might’ve affected my initial thoughts but after the first listen im giving CLB a 6/10 (for comparison I gave DONDA a 8.5/10) P.S I also kinda liked scorpion more than CLB so maybe im just wack.

    • Xavier D. says:

      @bboykeke69 I’m not even gonna lie…I didn’t even make it past track #4 on CLB before I stopped listening so if Scorpion is better than this, CLB must be ASS

    • Faruko Zee says:

      nah good take, Scorpion was better too

    • Hypno_BPM says:

      @Mr Stungus this is facts bro and none of these dudes realize that Kanye is an Artist and Drakes a pop star. Kanye writes, produces and performs his art, Drake maybe writes half his songs , doesn’t produce. I love both as a fan of hip hop but Kanye has always been on another level to me.

    • FuzzyChup says:

      @SauceGod227 Come to Life a top 10 Ye song with zero features on that song.

    • ganktyler says:

      @SauceGod227 That’s the point, Kanye incorporates artists into different songs and organizes it in such a way that makes it great music, it’s not about how “Kanye had a shitty verse” or “Kanye didn’t do much on this album” He literally Produced, Wrote, and Put together this album with the help of others, Kanye’s albums aren’t meant to be just himself, its meant to be for the sake of music and for the sake of art. CLB Was made for City girls out partying and Perm-Headed boys to get in their feelings, but overall CLB is probably a 6.5 Not bad, but not his best.

  8. Brandon Joachim says:

    If yall liked the Intro, I’d check out Navajo by Masego. He was the one who actually made and produced that immaculate sample and he blessed it with his own voice and the sax on a song he made a few years back 🙌🏿 Show some love to the OG 😤🙏🏿

  9. Jonathan Lopez says:

    This another typical drake album, Just good enough to get plays and be a crowd pleaser. You can never go wrong putting on some drake, but you can easily find something better.

  10. drgw99 says:

    “His pen is phenomenal… when he wants it to be.” MANNN THIS, I wish he would really want it more often

    • Romare Taylor says:

      Man you could make 2 albums worth of songs of just drake barring up. Hell always have that

    • Simon Long says:


    • Hypno_BPM says:

      that’s what a lot of people been wanting for a long time , Drake spitting over hard rap beats on an album. He’ll never do it cuz he wants his melodic shit in there all the time.

    • drgw99 says:

      @Hypno_BPM that’s the only thing that keeps me coming back each album release, the potential, im hoping he gives us at least one “hungry Drake” mostly rap project before all said and done

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