Drake – First Person Shooter ft. J Cole

Drake – First Person Shooter ft. J Cole

Director – Gibson Hazard
EP/Producer – Liam Akiva
EP – Christian Tyler
Executive Producer /Creative Direction – Drake, Jamil “Big Juice” ‘Davis
Creative Direction – Jack Bannon & Reduciano
Production Company – House of Hazard x Denim
Line Producer – Cam Frengopoulos & Alex Dall’Orso
Associate Producer – Jackie De Niverville
Production Manager – Trevor Evoy
Production Coordinator – Amber Warus
Cinematographer – Bobby Shore
1st AC – Dave Stuart
B-Unit Director – Nick Dean
Production Designer – Electa Porado
Gaffer – Jordan Heguy
Key Grip – Todd N Thompson
Editors – Gibson Hazard & Jack Bannon
Sound Design – Chris Smith & Jack Bannon
3D Animation Lead – Reduciano
VFX – Mathematic
VFX – Karen Arakelian
VFX – Pendulum
VFX – Scissor Films
VFX – Black Hat
VFX – Aid6n.edits
Colourist – Dante Pasquinelli
Graphic Design – Alessandro Comotti

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26 Responses

  1. HipHopDX says:

    Seeing Drake and Cole’s journey from In The Morning to being on top of the world is inspiring. No matter how you put it, these are two of the greatest to ever do it

  2. oistri says:

    Awesome idea for the video, good camerawork, well filmed in general, especially I liked the moment with table tennis in the office. Question about the lyrics, what FPS do you think he’s singing about?

    • Michael Roby says:

      In the beginning of the song, he said “FPS mode”meaning he talking about being very competitive. Normally in hip hop, if you have two rappers on one song, the goal is for both rappers to showcase their rap skills to be the ultimate victor. FPS games are meant to be very competitive in order to achieve the most kills (wins) so I think that is what he means. I don’t think he is talking about a specific FPS like CoD etc. it is the competitive nature to be ready and become victorious.

    • oistri says:

      @Michael Roby Thank you for your detailed and very interesting answer! It is the competitive nature to be ready and become victorious. Nice thought! Drake and Cole have quite a reputation for outshining or “killing” the main act when featured so that for sure confirms your point👍

    • Sofa King Stew Pid says:

      What in the AI ???

  3. Sniper J says:

    This is honestly the most creative video I’ve seen in a LONG time. Drake and J Cole have been inspirations to me since childhood and to now be an adult and nothing’s changed means something. I hope to achieve this impact through my music. I will.


    We blessed to have Drake and J.Cole in our presence. Still making hits after hits.

  5. Kelli L says:

    Absolute 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 This goes hard and brought me joy!!!!
    Drake AND Cole???!!! Who could ask for more?!🙏🏼🙌🏼

  6. Cupid says:

    What a concept, what a reference, what a transition, what an edit.

  7. Young Merkules says:

    Quite possibly the hardest video I’ve ever seen

  8. yungdaggerdick says:

    Reminds me of around the 2009 era where some tracks are more viewed than the others not because of the music but because of the visuals, and this is pure nostalgia for me

  9. Mega Chainz says:

    We now need a joint album from these two 🔥

  10. Josimira Natércia says:

    Era por uma produção dessa que nós esperávamos que a música merecia. 🤌🏽

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