Drumroll, Please! Monaco Mai Jenkins Is A…

Drumroll, Please! Monaco Mai Jenkins Is A…

It’s official! Monaco Mai Jenkins is a healthy baby… GIRL! Jeannie gets candid about her first few weeks as a mom, and just how much Mama Mai stepped in when it counted!

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34 Responses

  1. Kami says:

    The amount of love that baby is surrounded by is what I strive for in life!! To have people like that around me!!! Congratulations Jeannie!! Your little one couldn’t have asked for a better momma 💗💗

  2. Mandy S says:

    I just loved Adrienne’s reaction, I feel like Jeannie’s pregnancy actually brought them closer as friends. Its been beautiful to see how supportive these ladies have been of each other. Jeannie is right so many got it wrong, majority was sure she was having a boy when in reality its a girl. I am so happy for her, you can see she is loving every moment of being a mother and even has a newfound respect for her own mom. Papa Mai must be so happy that his wish to have a granddaughter came true. It was so good to see Jeannie again. Congrats girl, enjoy every moment with your baby girl.

  3. Miriam M says:

    Over thrilled for Jeannie. I remember i shed a tear the day she was breaking the news about her divorce so to see her today with a whole new love and family?! Jeez nothing but happy for her ❤️

  4. Elise Jones Mayo says:

    Jeannie is so beautiful telling us about her motherhood experience and the love Monaco is bringing to the family. This is very special if you knew Jeannie from the beginning of the Real. This makes you tear up for being so happy for them.
    Congratulations, Jeannie and Jeezy, for your baby girl, Monaco. May God keep them covered and love love love.

  5. Emoretta Robinson says:

    The way I started crying while Jeannie was describing how she couldn’t believe that her body made that precious little baby. And how she can see God in so many things. And I’m so glad that Glam Mama Mai has stepped in to help. Congratulations again Jeannie and Jay! I wish your family continued blessings. 🥳🎊🎉😊🙏🏾❤

  6. Nubian 👑 says:

    “My daughter” hearing Jeannie saying that is so surreal. I am so happy for her and Jeezy 🥺🥺🥰

  7. butterfly6199 says:

    just the look on her face of happiness and in awe, just got me teary eyed. It reminded me of the feeling I had 22 years ago when I had my son. Even though it has been 22 years, a mother will never forget that beautiful moment when I saw my baby for the first time. Babies are a blessing from God and all of us are and also unique and special in our own different ways. That is why we all need to love one another, respect one another and be kind to one another. Congratulations Jeannie and her family!

    • musonda lumbwe says:

      Amen! That is so true. It’s by God’s power and love that we a born. Children are truly a blessing. Haleelujah!

  8. Nilsa Rivera says:

    She was so scared to be a mother, the only thing she needed was the right partner. She is already an amazing mother. 🥰♥️♥️♥️

    • Sammie Rose 🌹 says:

      I know! I hope she has Jeannie’s eyes and hair, Jeezy’s lips and a mix between Jeannie and Jeezy’s skin complexion. And be bilingual – Vietnamese and English. That would be perfect! 🥰💕

    • Life Is Beautiful says:

      @christina rach that’s how I feel losing my mom to an abusive father. He’s still loving. My childhood was horrible and I got through it thank god. People always think I have kids because I’m so nurturing. A few days after my little brother was born in 88, my father was abusing my mother. She never got a chance to bond with him or any of us because he kept her away locked in the room. My sister that passed took care of him and he was always beating her with a belt and verbally abusing her.

      I lost my mother,sister and brother recently and the trauma in my family is worse. People always say wow you’re a miracle but I don’t want to end up with the wrong man, because men that try to marry me or talk having a baby, they be lying and cheating and thank god for discernment.

      They don’t get to first base with me let alone a date. But my father was horrible to all of us and he used us for government assistance and he never provided or worked and he’s still living, inherited everything and left us out of everything money and all. He tried to break my spirit but I didn’t let him, I fought back. It’s important to make sure you’re right before bringing a child into this world or getting married because my father was mentally I’ll and had mommy issues and seen abuse and he terrorized and abused the whole family. We spent years trying to get away from him. No place was safe.

    • Trendale Charon says:

      Loni is doing to much

    • Milk and Spice says:

      @christina rach I feel perhaps a bit of both. But I do agree with you because my childhood trauma scares me to have a child.

    • Michael Maps says:

      @Life Is Beautiful so sorry to hear that. Hope you will find peace and healing one day

  9. 2001Butterflykisses says:

    I’m even more excited for Jeannie knowing that Monaco is a girl. The wisdom she’ll teach her and the mommy and me outfits. She’s going to be an amazing mom. I’m sure she’ll grow even closer to Mama Mai too

  10. Abigail says:

    It’s so nice to see Loni, Adrienne, and Jeannie celebrate together you can feel the love and friendship between them

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