Emma Chamberlain Reacts to Her Viral Red Carpet Interview w/ Jack Harlow at the Met Gala (Extended)

Emma Chamberlain Reacts to Her Viral Red Carpet Interview w/ Jack Harlow at the Met Gala (Extended)

Emma Chamberlain makes her talk show debut to discuss her viral red carpet interview with Jack Harlow, her experience hanging out in the bathroom at the Met Gala and her podcast, Anything Goes, and coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee.

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Emma Chamberlain Reacts to Her Viral Red Carpet Interview w/ Jack Harlow at the Met Gala (Extended)


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29 Responses

  1. emmy es says:

    No matter how much attention she gets , she is always our Emma. This is why she is special and everyone is watching her.

  2. ItzKeisha says:


    • w i w i n says:

      Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna -Xvideos na age 21 Silite.UNO qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciany ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

  3. iheartbailey ! says:

    i feel as if emma is the only person who really broke out of the “influencer” title and rlly made a name for herself. she really deserves everything she has going for her

    • Sasa Krajisnik says:

      @Jen Gill James Charles

    • Anna H. says:

      Troye Sivan really broke away from his YouTube persona too

    • legendary queen says:

      @K Addison has signed contracts but when most ppl see her music and her movie they go ‘oh Addison the TikToker’ and when she’s invited to big events ppl go what’s a TikToker doing at the met, whereas with Emma I don’t really see a lot of ppl complaining about her being invited to such events (they are obviously some comments but not as much as Addison, the Da’melios, etc).

    • Sofiia S says:

      @Michelle L. she came from youtube, not tiktok. she kinda pioneered a quirky video editing style

    • Sofiia S says:

      @Jen Gill omg Quinta is slaying Hollywood. I’m sure she will get Emmy nomination this year

  4. Big Gnome says:

    I think it’s interesting how her whole persona is being like “shy” and “awkward” yet she’s so effortless and confident in interviews

    • V Minajj says:

      That’s not her persona

    • Natalie Baker says:

      I think she’s still nervous, just has adjusted to pulling it off better. She’s really personable

    • Hada M. says:

      I think you can noticed she is shy… This might be a moment of adrenaline, but watch her shoulders, leg moving, etc. I noticed it right away because I’m like that hahaha

  5. Will says:

    Most first talk show experiences just turn out awkward. But man Emma is just so natural, she seemed like she’s done this a million times.

  6. nk says:

    Wow this is insane I’ve been following her journey since she was in her bedroom doing dollar store hauls. I can’t believe she’s made it so far. Very proud!!

  7. Sofia Nour says:

    This girl right there taught me to enjoy my own company and simple things in life and I could literally cry in her arms right now because she literally changed my life and the vision I had of myself, so Emma if you ever come accross this comment, I’d like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Peace y’all ✌🏼

  8. Charlotte __ says:

    It’s so weird, she has no idea who I am but yet I’m incredibly proud of her! Having watched her since the beginning and now she’s on the Tonight Show! She deserves everything that’s coming her way 👏🏽

  9. Sophia M. says:

    i literally will eat up anything this girl does. her energy is magnetic, charm is irresistable, and her humility is attractive. what a cool person.

  10. Theo aire says:

    She got here by just being herself , even when she got bigger she never changed , she never turns YouTube into business like many others do , they get teams and camera guys and etc there’s nothing wrong with that but there’s something special about Emma being this successful and she’s still the same person and content creator as she was when she first started

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