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27 Responses

  1. Dwaynne Way says:

    You should do these Reddit videos more often, always great to watch.

  2. Apollogold says:

    Simon you and Talia need to do another Minecraft series again together

  3. noidea says:

    If Ethan and Faith are still together in 10 years time I will become a man of God because they ain’t getting there without divine assistance

  4. R S says:

    Simon proving everyone else’s reaction to faith to be spot on…😂

  5. Sidemen gang says:

    Simon doesn’t deserve the hate at all. We need to appreciate the consistency of this man cause we never know when it’s the end 🐐

    • Twisted Panda says:

      It’s just the vik cult back at it

    • Dbrad says:

      It’s the reason people were annoyed at him that I found annoying. He BS’d a little bit so his friends wouldn’t get hurt as much from punishments even Harry couldn’t handle and admitted they were too much but people started crying cause their baby brains from the comfort of their own home couldn’t see someone getting hurt

    • Florian says:

      Doing tricks on it!!

    • AYN says:

      @Twisted PandaNo its Harry’s stans that cant accept that the forfeits were too extreme so they just start hating on Simon.

  6. Arief Nugroho says:

    I think the farming video was a much enjoyable video to watch for me. Just the sidemen hanging out while attempting to farm

  7. Myles Brackenbury says:

    simons face during ethan and faiths podcast clip is perfect😂faith gettin a little too comfortable on the internet

  8. toon tokz says:

    Simon is a man of god.. ill wait for the edit

  9. Tonykhanlasremainingbraincellgffh says:

    New breed of Sidemen fans are so soft😂😂😂😂

    • Gabriel Hicks says:

      Honestly the old the fans who are now their 20s who always whine about “new fans” are just as annoying

    • Shri Siva says:

      Isn’t the criticism the opposite of soft tho? Complaining that the boys were too whiny about doing forfeits isn’t soft imo

    • DTM says:

      The sidemen will end because of them

    • DEO says:

      @Shri Sivanah the new fans are actually so soft, they cry when literally anything happens, for example ksi is getting hate rn for being cocky now when he’s been cocky since the beginning

  10. K P says:

    Idc what anyone says, Simon looks SO FINE with a buzz cut! do your thing king

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