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  1. Random Monkey Kid says:

    You’re such a good comedian what you say people actually believe. Can’t say that about alot of comedians.

  2. Strawbear 🍓🐻 says:

    Also isn’t it your family’s cafe? So like why would they fire you? You make perfect rolls

  3. Seriously.. Don’t! says:

    The fact that some people don’t know this guy’s hilarious humor is just.. scary.

  4. TheLonganHouse says:

    Bro you are a great comedian, the ice cream isn’t the only reason you’re popular 😉

  5. FecalExcrement says:

    The bosses know nobody could replicate Dani’s perfect rolls or his awkward humor

  6. Melanie says:

    I thought you were mean at first but you’re actually a really nice guy And I love when you put a bit of humor when you went to 1 to 3

  7. lillia walter says:

    Bro the fact that you’re actually funny saying this makes everything better 😂😂

  8. Retro Love says:

    I love how we are all proclaiming our love and admiration for this man, but sir what happened to number 2 actually know I’ll add it.
    #2- We, your fans, love you and your sense of humor! You make us smile!

  9. Bribe says:

    if you had asian parents, you’d be dead by your math by now

  10. Dam says:

    Love this man😂

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