First Night In My Renovated Japanese Camper Van

First Night In My Renovated Japanese Camper Van

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28 Responses

  1. That1carguy's gaming says:

    So excited for the new truck and for our boy Steve. Congratulations mav your killing it right now much respect

    • mary burger says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD he’s doing what he loves/likes .

    • Braeden Dahlgren says:

      @Code Breaka Kelley lol 🤣 who made you mad, the vids don’t record and upload themselves bozo. Apparently he must be a nomad to gain your respect huh😅

    • Code Breaka Kelley says:

      Killing it like how. Sucking big tech cock ?
      Has all these millennials thinking this is what camping is about. And where is my rise vinager ! Damit

    • Braeden Dahlgren says:

      @Jay keep hating buddy, guarantee mav isn’t an idiot… has possessions and assets that will hold value for a long time. Let alone just sponsored by Dell goofball. Hope you can find something better to do with your time rather than praying on someone’s downfall.

    • Jay says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD I’m surprised he gets the views he does. The vids are all identical. YT money will dry up at some point

  2. High Octane Racing says:

    Not gonna lie, seeing you start with a camper in the OG f150y and now seeing you with all the new things this year. A new house, land, and now a new truck and car, proud of you mav, hope one day all of us can be successful in our own ways like you. much love from Oklahoma!!!

    • Jacob Rosser says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD Who hurt you? Go watch a sunset – sounds like you need a pick me up.

    • me4 g says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD how wrong you are…not everyone is like you and finds meaning in the same things….the most meaningful things to me are things that make me the most happy as long as it doesn’t harm others…..just because YOU can’t be happy with this kind of life doesn’t mean others can’t…..personally I am happiest being on my own and not having to deal with judgmental people like yourself :p

    • High Octane Racing says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD by your post it seems you may be unhappy with yourself and what you have. By the way, success is not what materials you have, but what mind set you have. If you can’t be happy for others, you can’t be happy for nothing. I had no job, no money, no car and those are some of the happiest days of my life because I found peace with myself. Hope whatever your going through changes for the best👍

    • Anthro says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD you should go to therapy, you sad little boy.

    • brandon nunez says:

      @Stevenson Alderworst MD Just because you’re not happy with what you are doing doesn’t mean that MAV is not happy doing what he is doing. I would be plenty happy going out camping on my free time or even as my job. MAV is doing what he likes to do and is getting paid for it how can you not be happy at that lol

  3. Kate Earl says:

    Mav, what continuously stands out about you is your genuine interactions with people. It’s really heart warming and I pray the millions of people who watch your videos notice your kindness towards others and try to replicate that in their own lives. Stay you! 😊

  4. Jacob Fay says:

    New space is mint, love seeing you learn how to get around lol. So much room, can’t wait for some guests to be hanging out in the back!

  5. Brendan says:

    Steve has became my top vehicle to watch now absolutely love it! Great video to end the week! Much love Mav!

  6. BookOfMakai says:

    Congrats on the new truck! Your one or my biggest inspirations! My goal is to get a van or camper and travel like you do! For now I travel as far, and explore as much as I can one day at a time !

  7. SunShine Griffin says:

    The updates are great. The food looked good too. Great job on the dinner Mav. I’m glad you enjoyed your night out. Maybe you could use a topper for the futon to add more comfort. Enjoy your travels.

  8. fredroach303 says:

    Crazy to see you make a meal in this beautiful vehicle from the back of the truck meals to this so awesome! Much love MAV!!

  9. hotdamndan says:

    We’ve waited long enough for a winter camper van camping with Steve., and now Mav gave it! Happy Holidays everyone!

  10. Jose Quiroz says:

    Sometimes I feel depressed and don’t really know how to manage it but feelin pretty bad right now and this video coming out at least gave me a smile on my face so thank you Mav keep on truckin brotha remember your a legend and you have made a mark on the world with these videos thank you man bless

    • HE’S coming soon says:

      U must to believe in Jesus. Doomsday is on the horizon. Believe Jesus is the Son of God. Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. Read the Bible!
      Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

    • P RO says:

      Hang in there Jose, you’ll pull through. We’re cheering for you to get better soon 👍I’m going through another episode of depression myself, seems to be easing off but it’s always too long. I think I’ll make it now.

    • Lucas says:

      Just think of something positive rather than put yourself down, bring yourself up. Your worth more than you know or think. Self worth is important.

    • sickflow says:

      @REZY everyday?

    • Laurie says:

      @Jose C it’s just as hard for you, watching her go through it. Stay blessed. Hugs to you both

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