Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 PSVR2 Gameplay Trailer

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 PSVR2 Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay footage of the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 on the Sony PlayStation® PSVR2!

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27 Responses

  1. WhiteTiger says:

    This game looks insane! There seems to be so much variety in the mini-games, and seeing the SB characters in VR will be fun.

  2. Jared Hill says:

    If only this came out before GOTY awards, I feel like it could have won something. Everything here looks phenomenal! And seeing Scrap Baby gives me hope for more Pizzeria Simulator levels 🙂

  3. Negative 3000 says:

    Honestly one of my biggest hopes for this is that they include pizzeria simulator it has so much potential in VR, imagine the maintenance test where the PlayStation VR2 can actually sense if you’re looking at the clipboard on the table or at the animatronic, and also imagine building your pizzeria in 3D and actually seeing the things you place down and being able to walk around and look at the details of your pizzeria.

    • SnesySnas says:

      Well there’ll DEFINITIVELY be some sort of FNAF6-related minigame seeing the Scrap Baby jumpscare at the end

    • Core says:

      if you look at 1:09 you can see scrap baby in the vent of the helpy minigame while an ad plays so maybe thats the fnaf 6 minigame 🤔

  4. Fazbear Fanatic says:

    Roxanne giving the player the death stare as they do her eyeshadow is one of the funniest things out of this trailer, right up there with a Plush Baby getting shot point-blank (poor thing). It’s made even funnier that the idea of Roxanne killing someone for messing up her makeup is 100% something I can imagine her doing.

    Also, it’s really nice to see Scrap Baby after only seeing a plushie of her in the last game. I hope they include more Pizzeria Sim characters

  5. Patrick Lowe says:

    You can already tell that this will be a great addition to the FNAF series

  6. The Sinodoc BugMan says:

    i genuinely love we’re getting back to back content again like in early fnaf years, this, the dlc, AND the movie all in one is insane

  7. Luigikid Gaming says:

    I would love to apply for this job 💀

  8. Cattacus says:

    This is literally everything I could have wanted, music man, sundrop, parts and service and way more really interactive levels. This game looks as though it’s going to be just as good or even better than the first one.

  9. Hamzah Khan says:

    The trailer is looking pretty good so far, all the minigames look pretty good and unique. There’s a lot of personality in a lot of these when it comes to the characters specified levels and looks fun overall. I’m really excited to see what’s in store for this game, the first one was awesome and I loved it, so this one got me excited. Anyways, hope you’re having a great rest of your day/night Steel Wool and keep up the great work, see you next time! 🙂

  10. cloudix2 says:

    So glad to see the games that weren’t in the original VR being here, + some Security Breach too, and everything looks great ! So excited and can’t wait for next month!!

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