Game Theory: FNAF, Help Me SOLVE The Impossible!

Game Theory: FNAF, Help Me SOLVE The Impossible!

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Friends, throughout all the recent FNAF releases some thoughts keep popping into the back of my mind, while yes we have all new kinds of mysteries to solve with Ruin and Help Wanted 2, we also STILL have some unresolved questions from Security Breach. From the specially colored balloons to a possible Monty Golf code and most recently the tally mark code… what does it all mean?! To answer that, I’m gonna need YOUR help!
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36 Responses

  1. Moi says:

    I swear MatPat won’t stop with the FNAF theories until he has figured out every detail down to the exact size of withered Freddy’s Fazballs.

  2. Iker Unzu says:

    This is why I LOVE FNAF.

  3. Eden says:

    I wonder how Swampy and Dan feel about their one off line about nickels in a children’s cartoon movie becoming a common phrase for things that happen just a tiny bit too often.

    • Mustard says:

      Schaffrillas references this line a lot and he just released a parody of the “Sans is Ness” theory. Apparently he and GT watch each others videos so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a small nod to him

    • Connt1nu3 says:

      Dan has actually gone on record saying that he is flattered.

    • Danang M. Fauzan says:

      yeah dan povenmire is quite active in social media,so i think you can find his reaction somewhere

    • James TDG says:

      I bet it is essentially the equivalent of the Thagomizer, written as a joke, but taken as the ultimate line for a situation.

  4. Rampage Phoenix says:

    Honestly, at this point, i would nominate MatPat to be a future member of the Mystery Gang alongside Scooby Doo himself ; Solving spooky mysteries seems to be baked into his DNA.

  5. Albert_einstein says:

    MatPat is that type of guy who will not stop to do anything other than all the fnaf lore, I swear he’s gonna try and figure out Williams age, birth, his license, and where he lives before he died

  6. ab238a says:

    Matpat really referenced doofenshmirtz when he said, “if I had two nickels for everytime that happened, I’d have 2 nickels, it’s not much but it’s weird that it happened twice” I loved that!

  7. AliThePotato says:

    MatPat Is truly the definition of dedication

  8. AkumuIsSleepy says:

    Someone might’ve already suggested this, but maybe you should try following Occam’s Razor, where the simplest explanation should be ruled out first. Where the FNaF community has gone to such extremes, tearing incredibly difficult puzzles up in a day, it makes sense for Steel Wool to trip up the community by not increasing the difficulty, but lowering it to the point of confusion. My first thought when I saw the 3×3 notes was animatronics. I saw the pizza and hearts and thought of Chica, who love food, the footsteps reminded me of Foxy, who likes to run. The microphone reminds me of Freddy, the lightning bolts remind me of that one scene with sun and moon, even the candy reminds me of cadet, and the spots make me think of Monty. Probably not anything, but it’s just a thought.

    And, hey, at least that’s one simple explanation down, right?

    • Claudia Amengual Mateo says:

      I literally though the same thing I was wondering if he was gonna say something about that

    • Everett Veuleman says:


    • InversedPi says:

      I have an explanation that’s similar to yours
      But instead each post it note refers to a game in the franchise
      Like for example the footsteps being from pizzaria sims midnight motorist minigame
      And then using each game as a number but some of them just don’t make sense
      Anyways here are the ones I could think of
      5, 6, 9
      6, 6, 9
      6, 9, 9
      Edit: I accidentally put 4, instead of 5, I’m dumb

    • InversedPi says:

      Ok I just need to know what game has hearts and pizza

    • Everett Veuleman says:

      pizzaria simulator

  9. clm98 says:

    I can only imagine scott grining watching this as he brings mat further down into the fnaf lore rabbithole

  10. LavaSauce says:

    I wish Scott would tell us what was in the box at this point. We all know the contents have changed over the years, and the series has gone on long enough for it to not even matter anymore. Even if they want to us it later we all know it wasn’t what was intended. I love this series but it’s annoying that every game gives you 2 answers and 10 questions, leaving some questions forgotten forever

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