Garcia vs Benavidez HIGHLIGHTS: July 30, 2022 | PBC on Showtime

Garcia vs Benavidez HIGHLIGHTS: July 30, 2022 | PBC on Showtime

Two-division world champion Danny “Swift Garcia dominated in his super welterweight debut Saturday night, cruising to a majority decision victory over exciting contender Jose Benavidez Jr. in the SHOWTIME main event from Barclays Center in Brooklyn headlining a Premier Boxing Champions event. He saved perhaps his most expressive moment post-fight when he broke down in the ring discussing his struggles with mental health with SHOWTIME reporter Jim Gray, showing the authenticity that has made him such a fan-favorite in Brooklyn.

“I did take a break going through mental things, things went dark, I went through anxiety, deep depression, just trying to be strong,” said a visibly emotional Garcia. “It was the pressure of life, being a good dad, just letting it out right now, because it was all stuck inside. It rained on me for a year and a half and the only way to do better was to fight again. I’m a fighter. If you battle anxiety and depression, you can get out of it, that’s what I did today. I fought.”

Philadelphia’s Garcia (37-3, 21 KOs) has become a staple at Barclays Center ever since headlining the arena’s first boxing event in 2012, and his return on Saturday night against Benavidez (27-2-1, 18 KOs), saw him pick up his seventh victory in Brooklyn.

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34 Responses

  1. Jeff Musyoka says:

    You could tell Jose’s size was a problem but Danny still handled his business

  2. 🇬🇧Super Looming Hyena says:

    That was a great fight, both looked sharp and definitely the best I’ve seen Garcia look for a long time, he looks refreshed at 154.

  3. David Roman says:

    Congratulations to Danny swift Garcia for a brilliant display of boxing skill last night .I didn’t know that Danny was suffering from depression and anxiety that could be hard on anyone
    I know because I’ve been experiencing the same thing .
    Continue what you love best Danny! 🇵🇷🙏

  4. lucianoromero777 says:

    One of probably the more entertaining boxing matches, both just were enjoying it in there

  5. Reynaldo says:

    Dannys celebration at the end is hilarious 😂

  6. All Things Film says:

    Danny Garcia did most of the work. Benevidez spent most of the time posing and shaking his head, instead of throwing punches. How in the world he could have thought that he won the fight is absolutely delusional. Garcia landed over 150 body punches, Jose landed 12! That fact alone speaks volumes about the fight.

    • Elon Love says:

      He needs to stop playing around and be more serious in his fights also. That playing around and showing his chin will get him hurt some day.

    • a ferng says:

      He did that with Crawford, and bud was outboxing him

    • Michael P says:

      All those bodyshots played a factor. Took the gas out of Benavidez later in the fight. He started clamping his elbows to his body a sign of effective bodywork.

    • Towanna Henson says:

      Benevidez did the same thing when he faught Terrance Crawford.He a bum as fighter my opinion. Danny need to fight a top guy in that division and he don’t have power it look like

  7. Don Juan shaq says:

    Watching this highlight reel you would have thought Jose was robbed

    • Reyes Bravo says:

      Lol jose looked Hella good in this highlight you ain’t kiddin lol

    • AZmac11 says:

      Wtf hell naw

    • S Morgan says:

      @King Kong yea he did that same thing against Crawford! He’s no bum but he definitely needs to throw more!

    • King Kong says:

      @S Morgan yeah I know he can fight but I thought Garcia won he landed more and trew more Everytime Garcia hit him he just raise his hands instead of returning punches!!!✌️

    • S Morgan says:

      @King Kong Benny can FIGHT! But that’s the problem….it’s Boxing and he needs to score more shots! On the street he’s a problem for ANYbody!!

  8. Rekonestunner says:

    When Danny’s up on his toes looks really good!! Gotta love DSG what a great champion!!! Respectful and honest good for boxing for sure!!

  9. Domingo Arroyo says:

    That was great mental, physical, and technical performance by both fighters.

  10. IsmokeHiphop Live says:


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