Grian Plays City Skylines: 2

Grian Plays City Skylines: 2

Let Papa Paradox know who sent you: Game releases 24th October.

The worst part of this is that I was genuinely trying to make a good city, it just went downhill very fast.

Huge thanks to Paradox for sponsoring this video! #ad

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52 Responses

  1. Grian says:

    Let Papa Paradox know who sent you:! I mega enjoyed playing this (and I have continued the city of Redemption) and I’m sure if you like city builders you will LOVE this!

  2. BlueS8 says:

    Grian immediately goes the LetsGameItOut route

  3. Andrew Cox says:

    Well this went from 0 to RT-levels of chaos immediately. All it was missing is meteors hurling towards the ground while “Country Roads” plays.

  4. Thod_ says:

    Grian is what happens when you cross Max Fosh with a friendly nuke

  5. Raine's Reality says:

    Wait till grian realises all he needs to do is elect mumbo as mayor

  6. Faje says:

    The poopcano is such a common cities Skylines trope that people that have never played the game make it lol

  7. Playzz Minecraft says:

    I would never thought grian would try this game! I’m so excited 😀

  8. Thor Moore says:

    You’ve seen Let’s Game it Out. You’ve seen the Real Civil Engineer. Now get ready to see the true building master play City Skylines.

  9. PolygonWaffle says:

    “Im going to exploit the enviroment”
    Most normal Grian statement

  10. Foxinvi says:

    Its nice to see you playing more than just minecraft, its always really nice.

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