Half in the Bag: Cocaine Bear, Knock at the Cabin, and The Whale

Half in the Bag: Cocaine Bear, Knock at the Cabin, and The Whale

Cocaine Bear! It’s that movie that everyone was joking about for about a week and then completely forgot. Jay and Mike talk about it. They also talk about Knock at the Cabin, the latest film from N. Night Shyamalan. It’s about a cabin that has a knock at the cabin. They also talk about The Whale, starring Cocaine Bear!

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  1. B Rollin' says:

    Props to Jay for the Doom Patrol article with added whipping. Fine editing.

  2. Kozakology says:

    I met the writer of “Snakes on a Plane” during a film fest and he REALLY thought that his script should be taken seriously. He was upset that they added jokes. He also was VERY angry that they named it “Snakes on a Plane” other than his title “Venom”. He kept complaining that he couldn’t use his title because of “some crappy Marvel comic character having the copyright”.
    He was a really strange and intense guy. I assure you that HE was not in on the joke of his own movie.

  3. Indigo Gaming says:

    I can’t believe the Oscar-winning film, The Whale, was adapted from the real-life memoirs of Harry Plinkett.

  4. Butters /k/un says:

    The brilliance of studios rediscovering mid budget is a miracle

    • Old Lemming says:

      This may spark a mini renaissance in the movie making business. Like the 70s were 🤔

    • Myrth1 says:

      @nbtrainor ?
      You sure you replied to the right post?

    • Myrth1 says:

      @Bob McBobbington It really isn’t. Midbudget is where you have just enough money to make your flick professionally, but not enough to just rely entirely on bombarding your audience with visuals and set pieces.

    • SuperJoe's Midlife Crisis says:

      It could honestly save hollywood. Some of the best films ever made are mid budget.

  5. Shantheman99 says:

    In regards to the shitty lighting, I love the quote from Sean Astin in the LOTR, he asked another guy on set “where’re these lights supposed to be coming from if it’s night?” And the guy responded “The same place as the music”

    • Jonno Wocky says:

      Hell yes to this quote

    • Jason R. Johnston says:

      @feandil666 it’s also a very VFX intense sequence that needed to be shot and moved on from. Just like the rest of the films: they had a little bit of time to get Galadriel shot before they needed to move on and get the other dozen shots that day. Filmmaking is a business.

    • Sarah C says:

      @John Highway I, too, believe you are wrong. Good day sir.

    • Fookin Koont says:

      ​@fenrirgg brain-dead take

    • Simon Buchan says:

      I feel really good up here on this fence named “moderation”. I should be able to believe it’s night, but also see what’s happening (or at least what the director or DP wants me to see)

  6. Headbanger says:

    Crazy how anything under 50, 60 million is considered “low budget” these days

    • wolsgang d says:

      The annual amount of tax taken from US workers directly from their paychecks is 2.9 Trillion dollars, The *entire* US movie industry is worth ~42.5 Billion dollars. The United States Government takes 6,820% more from people’s paychecks annually, than the entire movie industry is worth.

    • wolsgang d says:

      ​@Gargajangles If we want to really want to change the world, let’s take the budgets of the biggest budgeted 25 movies worldwide over the next 3 years, that total comes to ~ 3.459 billion, this includes every single major block buster and most mid range movies coming out for the foreseeable future. Since the US is not the only victim of evil capitalism, let’s expand our scope to the global homeless population, 150 million people. That’s $23.06 for each, enough to feed for two whole days! If we were to selfishly narrow our scope back down to the 582,462 homeless of the US, that would still only be $5,866 per person, 6X below the US poverty income metric of $35,000 annual, and possibly enough to give them their very absolute basic needs met for approximately 6 months.

    • wolsgang d says:

      @Gargajangles The budget for the Godfather (the best film of all time) was 7 million dollars. There are 582,462 homeless people in the United States. That’s $12.01 for every homeless person, enough to buy a two sandwiches for one day.

    • Golden Grin says:

      I watched Barret Jackson car auctions for like an hour while reading a book I swear not one car went under 100K
      That’s just to say everything is just mindbendingly expensive now.

  7. POST ELVIS says:

    Cocaine Bear is what they should call Rich Evans when he enters a night club.

  8. Will says:

    7:36 What I really love about Mike is how he’s able to clearly articulate his feelings about the films he watches

  9. JK M says:

    Watching half in the bag is like hanging out with friends that talk about something you’re passionate about but you have nothing to contribute to the conversation

  10. GyroMurphy says:

    The best thing about The Whale is all the love Brendan Frasier received

    • Indie Keegan says:

      The Brenaissance is real

    • Jormun says:


      I think GQ (or a similar mag) did a profile on him a few years back before his career renaissance, one of those where the interviewer comes down to spend a couple of days just talking to the subject. Early on, Brendan, clearly going through some stuff (over-the-hill, his marketable years fading behind him, and so on), just up and says something to the effect of “I just need to let some arrows fly, y’know?” He then walked out onto the porch and just started shooting some arrows with a bow (seemingly ready to go for just this purpose) at a well-used target down in the yard. I think he even offered to let the interviewer shoot a few. That, and his whole mature attitude about getting older and coming to grips with faded stardom, always stuck with me.

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