Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 – THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 – THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS

Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 – THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS

Phase 3 runs: https://youtu.be/ZpuBK_aXDiY

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47 Responses

  1. Crystal Dazz says:

    PLEASE add security layers under that pool.

  2. Emerald Bonk says:

    I like that the whole building was made for decked out but tango lets everyone else build stuff in it too

    • oatmealcookie02 – KFP Illegal Employee says:

      and I think Hermits Daycare has become of the most iconic builds this season

    • Edward Scott says:

      I think it would be funny if they started treating the area like an out of control homeless camp. Take someone who hasn’t been seen in a while and use armor stands to make it look like the other Hermits are cooking them on a giant rotisserie over Tango’s blue flames.

      Maybe setup some sort of cooking station that looks like someone is using the blue flames to cook Joe’s fish.

      Just have it look like the Hermits are so addicted to the game they are living there and turning to cannibalism.

    • Archer690 says:

      imo it needs a miniature TCG arena to be perfect

    • Simon Barton says:

      ​@edwardscott3262 if Minecraft had some sort of mechanic that made cannibalism possible, these guys would 100% start doing stuff like this

    • Jorick Laan says:

      It’s pretty great that area is actually getting filled with some things. The citadel looks great, but Tango didn’t really have a plan for all that space above the dungeon.

  3. Adam Lawrence says:

    You should add some observation balconies. That way you can either have some others watch while they wait their turn, or have some of the pros come to do some coaching.

  4. nadia drego says:

    ‘The reason is quite simple, i suck’ top ten times grian was an absolute mood

  5. Skingraze says:

    Ah yes, building a giant pool of water on top of the most complex redstone device in the entire server

  6. Me says:


    Can’t wait to see what y’all get up to this time! 😂

    • Mr. Boomguy says:

      I just pause at the very end right before he said it, and I saw your comment first xD
      Now we can only guess the theme of this seasons are going to be.

      We’ve had 3 lives, random lives, tied lives and timed life. But knowing how creative Grian can get (especially when he gets bored), I’m sure he won’t disappoint

    • Elliott says:

      I want swapped lives so every session everyone’s lives get swapped around so you could give someone a red name

    • Login 2 Play says:

      Scar (x2) and Timmy both leaked the name, Hard Life

    • Kermit Blade says:

      @Login 2 Play hopefully they dress up as people from annie (because the song hard not life) badum tss

    • Elliott says:

      @Login 2 Play it was it a ultimate trick

  7. StormerPlaysOn says:

    it’s actually insane all of decked out was made in survival minecraft, sure they have some custom assets, but even without those to set the mood it’s still an absolutely stunning creation

    • ahmed4363 says:

      The only thing custom assets adds is proper textures for the cards instead of books in DO1 and proper card calling and ambiance instead of noteblock tines

  8. Rileyjoyly says:

    Now I’m thinking of an animatic with Grian being mad at Jellie the cat instead of the ravager 🤣

  9. Email says:

    Grian we are all so excited for the life series! I think this is the most i have been hyped for it !

  10. Esther Clawson says:

    Petitioning the “boat” to be turned into a rubber duck pesky bird as the only colorful thing in the portal style training lab.

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