HIGHLIGHTS: Inter Miami CF vs. Atlanta United FC | July 25, 2023

HIGHLIGHTS: Inter Miami CF vs. Atlanta United FC | July 25, 2023

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43 Responses

  1. Drrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    I love Robert Taylor. He runs, doesn’t look for Messi outside the box but picks him up inside the box. I want Yedlin to do the same, he got some serious pace, all he need is run with the ball look out for Martinez and Messi inside the box. Overall happy that Miami not only scored 4 goals but conceded 0 goals in the match. That’s good..!!!

    • crimnvL says:

      yedlin needs to relax he looks like hes trying hard not to mess up in front of messi

    • SsiO says:

      Jordi will be there soon so I think the link up play would be even better, and maybe inter Miami gets iniesta too

    • Drrrrrrrrrrrr says:

      @crimnvL haha yeah! But i understand him too, if he messes up then they concede easily because messi can’t track back. Yedlin can do one thing, instead of tapping it to Messi and stop running, he can find spaces where he can play 1-2 with messi and move forward or put good crosses by changing play to other side or into the box.

    • Drrrrrrrrrrrr says:

      @SsiO That will be 🔥

    • Asmaadi Abdul Razak says:

      Yedlin needs to watch Dani Alves link up play with Messi videos in YouTube and learns how to play simple football.

  2. PEYTON BOND says:

    Gotta say in 2 games of playing at Inter Miami, Messi has smiled bigger and more than his entire career at PSG

    • Kami I says:

      Love to see Goat smiling;)

    • Buble Be says:

      Je suis français. Et j’avoue que la France et surtout les fans du PSG ont raté une occasion unique dans leur histoire de célébrer le meilleur joueur de tous les temps lors de son passage dans notre championnat. J’ai honte du traitement qu’il a subi. Et je suis si heureux de le voir aujourd’hui épanoui et heureux de joueur au foot. Vous avez su l’accueillir avec tant de respect, d’amour et de bienveillance. Je suis convaincu qu’il va hisser le foot dans des sphères inégalées dans votre championnat.

    • ItsDababy says:

      @Buble Bethey hated Neymar with a passion and then hated on Messi because they were on the same team and friends

    • Dhananjay Sejwal says:

      Toxic fan culture. Just enjoy the sport and let the player enjoy his retirement.

  3. Subhrangshu Mallick says:

    Messi’s arrival in Inter Miami just changed the atmosphere of the club. A club that was struggling hard to win a match just transforms into a club that’s not just winning but literally thrashing other clubs. If this is not Messi magic I don’t know what it is ❤

  4. TTS Fish says:

    I know everyone’s gonna talk about Messi, but seriously, what a wonderful performance by Calendar. If it wasn’t for him, the game would be like 4-2 or 4-3. Saved penalty, many key saves also, absolutely insane performance

    • Elite Core says:

      Not much people talk about Taylor either, once Messi arrived Taylor has been spot-on with his performances

    • Game Addict says:

      @Elite Corehe had a great day. But of course that’s still insignificant compare to Messi, especially when he score, 2 goals even.

    • Cory Toews says:

      Agreed, great saves. Not to take away from his performance, but my mother could have saved that pen.

    • rXw55 says:

      The quality of the two strikes that weren’t scored by Messi was higher than I’m accustomed to seeing in MLS.

    • En Ei says:

      @Elite Core bro loads of people are talking about Taylor. before Messi joined nobody had heard of him and now he’s playing with joy.

  5. SNaKEyE Playz says:

    Every single player of Miami looked Confident after Messi joined the team. Just unbelievable goalkeeping, unexpected Passings,,, the full match reminds of old Barcelona.💪

  6. Dylan says:

    The difference between tonight and the first half vs Cruz Azul is like night and day. The confidence Messi has brought to Inter Miami is next level.

  7. HazelGMD says:

    crazy how his two years at psg none of his teammates linked up with him but after 30 minutes messi’s teammates are starting to play together and understand how they play. you’d think they’d been playing for years

    • Drrrrrrrrrrrr says:

      Nah! It was good too at PSG. But, they are more accustomed to finding Mbappe Inside the box. Messi was fine to play the creator role, which he fantastically done by setting up so many of Mbappe goals. Mbappe didn’t leave for Madrid last season because of Messi at PSG.

    • terefe feyssa says:

      HazelGMD.: The ego of Mbappe does not create chemistry in the team.

    • terefe feyssa says:

      ​@drrrrrrrrrrrr9029 : Don’t lie. It is not because of Messi, Mbappe didn’t leave PSG for Madrid. That is a lie. First of all, Mbappe is not a team player.

  8. Guilherme Pereira says:

    É claro que o Messi só queria um lugar pra jogar bola e ficar com a família, tendo em mente que ele já ganhou tudo que importa. Muito legal ver que ele tá feliz.

  9. Jens Hausi says:

    Was für ein Fußballer. Egal wo er spielt,er ist jetzt schon eine Legende. Wir werden noch viele Tore von ihm sehen. ⚽️⚽️

  10. Luck444 says:

    Ah, I see the Atlanta midfielders are making the mistake of not covering Busquets well. This will only give him time to make very accurate passes to Messi. Just because he looks slow and appears to do nothing, doesn’t mean he’s not a threat. He’s a legend for a reason.

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